Drink Coffee To Ease Sore Muscles After Exercise

If you exercise routinely you most likely have sore muscles just after or the next day and would like relief. Here is a very simple home remedy to ease your sore aching muscles, have a cup or two of hot coffee! Yes, it really is that simple and very effective.

Men or women with sore aching muscles after exercise may benefit from sipping some java do to the caffeine content. A study from the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and exercise metabolism evaluated 25 college men. The men were given either a placebo pill to take before exercise or caffeine pill one hour before exercise. After exercising and taking the caffeine pill the men reported significantly less quadriceps muscle pain when compared to the group that took a placebo pill. Men who consume caffeine on a regular basis and men who normally do not drink caffeine received similar benefits. It is believed that the caffeine it’s self affects a pain-processing center in the brain and the spinal cord, which may reduce sensation of pain.

Even before this study was done, I noticed the benefits of drinking coffee every-time just before my weight training workouts the pain would always be reduced and if dank some more coffee after my workouts, again muscle pain would reduce greatly if not go away totally. Now you can use this easy home remedy to rid your self of the pain from exercise, so no more excuses for not working out right!

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