Chia Seeds A Nutritional Powerhouse

Chia seeds are an ancient food with a powerhouse of nutrition to better your health. Chia seeds have a very mild taste and the seeds can be added to a variety of meals to boost nutrition. Many people sprinkle these seeds them on their yogurt or salads, even adding them to smoothies or juices.

According to Dr. Coates, professor emeritus in arid lands studies at the University of Arizona, who has a PhD in agricultural engineering, says Chia seeds are loaded with vitamins and minerals and have an excellent source of fibre and protein, very good health benefits. Very rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Daily consumption of chia seeds may help reduce joint pain, aid in body weight loss, deliver an energy boost and may protect against serious ailments as diabetes and heart disease.

Chia seeds are gluten free, which also makes them very appealing to people with celiac disease or an aversion to gluten. These seeds pack a big bang for your buck!

Chia seeds really have some remarkable characteristics and can be enjoyed by everyone. Athletes love these seeds as they have a unique property or ability to hold up to 12 times their weight in water. Soaking for 30 minutes, Chia seeds will form a gel like substance. This gel reaction also occurs in the stomach, forming a barrier which means carbohydrates are now broken down slowly. This is why the seeds are popular among endurance athletes and diabetics, who want a slow release energy source. Give these little healthy seeds a try, you will love them!


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