How To Get Rid Of A Cold Fast

I know getting rid of a cold can be very slow, so here is an easy very effective way to get rid of a cold at least two times faster than normal. Before I reveal this tested over and over proven method, I will say this method may not be for everyone, you need to check with your doctor and get the ok from him or her first, as it may conflict with a persons medications etc. Most people however should be just fine using this method as it only involves food sources, no drugs, pills, cough medications and so on. I should also tell you that this same method can be used for fighting or getting rid of a flu virus. I have used this method to fight colds and viruses for over 20 years and it works great!

When you feel the first signs of a cold or flu, you should start this procedure immediately and continue it for about 5 days. You will be needing 5 cloves of fresh garlic, I know garlic stinks, but you will have to decide if being a bit smelly is worse, or having the cold or flu longer is worse. You will also be needing 5 medium fresh regular white onions. I also recommend, but is not mandatory some good yogurt and lemon juice.

You will begin by eating 1 clove of garlic raw with food at some point in the day and drink plenty of hot water along with it. Then at some other point in the day or evening you will put a medium sized onion in your microwave and cook it on high for about 4 minutes, then eat it all while drinking more hot water. Both raw garlic and onions have strong properties that fight colds and flu viruses. After taking this every day for 5 days most colds or flus will be terminated, but you will most likely feel even worse as that is what you feel when all is coming out of your system. To help speed up the flushing out or cleansing of the junk from the cold or flu, drink lots more hot water with a little lemon in it. You will also benefit from eating some yogurt daily to replenish your good bacteria and get all back to normal fast. I also take extra vitamin C when I get a cold or flu, as it does help again to boost your immune system to fight hard, but again this is up to each person to decide if wanting to take the extra vitamin C or not.

This is not a hard procedure to follow and is very effective. The only thing it will not help much with is a sore throat, you will want to ask your doctor what to take for that, I just take some halls or fishermans friend, these seem to work ok for me.


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