Olive Oil Does Not Make Your Penis Bigger

It has been suggested that putting Olive Oil on your penis will make your Penis Bigger. We will reveal to you the real truth so you don’t waste your time. So the big question. Will putting Olive Oil on your penis make your penis bigger? The truth is “No”, Olive Oil will not increase the size of your penis. So do not be fooled. Yes, you see videos and so on stating that Olive Oil can make your penis larger. This by massaging it on the penis for a period of time.

Those videos and so on are just trying to get views to make money. They use headlines that catch your attention. As they know you want a bigger penis so you check it out. The fact is, Olive Oil will do very little in the way of enlarging your penis.

Here is a real test to see if an Olive Oil Penis Massaging would increase the size of the penis. There was a small test group of men ranging from ages 32-56. They used the extra virgin Olive Oil massage on their own penis for 30 days. They all routinely started massaging their penis each day for 20 min.

Out of the small test group at the end of the 30 day test period. None of the men showed any signs their penis was any bigger. What was reported at the end of the 30 day test was the skin of the penis was much softer. Also found they could stay erect longer. So in fact there was at least some benefit, but enlarging your penis was not happening.

The proven benefits of massaging your penis with Olive Oil

1 – Helps to strengthen the penis without any side effects.

2 – Better blood circulation in the penis which can help your penis stay erect longer.

To achieve these benefits all you need to do is apply the olive oil on a daily basis by gently massaging it on the penis for about 15-20 minutes. Take note of this. The average size of the penis is 5.54 inches or (14.07 cm) length and 3.11 inches or (7.9 cm) in girth. If your penis is of average size or even a little bigger you just fine as you are.

If you really want a little Bigger Penis you could a few exercises for making the penis bigger. They may or may not help your penis size. The exercises must be done on a regular basis and it could take a long time to see any real results. If wanting to try them just do a search online they are easily found. So to recap. Massaging your penis with Olive Oil will not make your penis any bigger. Tt can only help with strengthening the penis and giving better blood circulation for the penis.

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