Fish Oil Is Your Friend Take It Daily

Fish Oil truly gives you wonderful health benefits, so take it daily. There are more and more studies pouring out about the great benefits of taking Fish Oil, which suggest if you are not taking Fish Oil on a regular basis, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Fish oil is excellent for your arteries, your heart will benefit, blood pressure may benefit, your joints will benefit and it seems to also help reduce fat mass.

If starting to take fish oil, you can take it in by supplement forum such as capsules or you can simply just eat oily fish such as salmon. The point to where the reduction of fat mass comes into play was done by researchers in France. They found out though their research the magic numbers especially for women was 3 grams of fish oil once a day and kicks in around two months. The researchers found that total fat mass and body fat levels of the fish oil users decreased, this especially being around the midsection/trunk area. Also as a bonus the research found that those that took in 3 grams of fish oil per day also greatly reduced the risk of having a heart attack.

This was all found out during this short term study, but the results clearly speak for themselves. The fatty acids derived from fish will delay the growth of fat cells which is great news for all of you who are trying to lose weight, especially from around your midsection area. If you exercise and take or eat oily fish, you are well on your way to a much healthier life style. This is so simple to do and we all should be doing it, even if you are generally healthy, fish oil will help keep you in a more healthy state. Remember it’s only 3 grams of fish oil per day, which will provide you with great benefits for a longer more healthy life. Fish Oil health benefits are for real!


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