How Many Cups Of Coffee Daily Is Too Much?

People around the world drink their favorite beverage Coffee every single day as part of their daily routine. Every person has his or hers daily limit of Coffee, usually ranging from one to two cups daily on average. However, there are many of us who enjoy as much as three to five cups of Coffee daily and some people even drink as high as eight to ten cups daily. So the big question is, how many cups of Coffee daily is too much?

Every single person is unique and will have a different tolerance for Coffee and Caffeine levels. Some people may only tolerate a cup of Coffee daily, after that may have bad side effects such as headaches or generally not feeling well. Others such as myself feel great when I drink Coffee, even up to four to five cups per day. Some people will get elevated blood pressure when drinking Coffee, even as low as one cup. Yet on the other hand, many people can drink four to six cups of Coffee daily and have no blood pressure increase at all! The point here is it really does vary from person to person in regards to how much Coffee drank daily is too much.

Many studies show that drinking Coffee in moderate levels for most people can give you some good health benefits, you would have to see your doctor to find out if drinking Coffee has any negative effects upon you. Obviously if you have high blood pressure, drinking Coffee with high caffeine levels may be a bad choice, you may want to check with your doctor before continuing this activity.

Personally, I drink about two to four cups of Coffee daily on average. I have been doing this for about fifteen years or so and I have absolutely no health problems. I find I feel sharper and younger when I drink Coffee. I would personally recommend that if you drink more than two cups of Coffee per day, you should also drink a few extra glasses of pure water and take in some extra electrolytes. Coffee can dehydrate you and pull out your electrolytes, so it just makes good sense to replace these so you have no problems down the road. I suspect this is where some of the health issues arise from for people who drink more than moderate amounts of Coffee. Again your doctor can check to see if you are low on any electrolytes from drinking Coffee and tell you what to do to fix the issue.


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