How To Make Healthier Homemade Deodorant

Healthier homemade deodorant sticks are easy to make using totally safe ingredients. Try using different nice smelling essential oil blends to meet your needs. The main thing here is Homemade deodorant sticks are much healthier than most store bought ones. Also these are much cheaper to make which saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Yes you might be able to find some healthier deodorant sticks where you shop, but they will most likely cost quite a bit more than making your own. At least when you make homemade ones you know exactly what is in them and do not have to worry. Also store bought deodorant might give you a rash, even these homemade type deodorant sticks might give some people a rash. If a rash develops when using any type of deodorant stick, you should immediately stop using the product.

Here is the list of what you will need to make your own healthy deodorant sticks


¼ cup shea butter

¼ cup coconut oil

1/3 cup beeswax pellets

1/3 cup arrowroot powder

1 tbsp baking soda

15 drops lavender essential oil or other

10 drops lemon essential oil or other

One Deodorant stick container


Heat the coconut oil, beeswax pellets, and the shea butter in a double broiler until completely melted.

Now Remove from heat and mix in the arrowroot powder and the baking soda until nice and smooth.

It’s time now to drop in the essential oils into the mixture and then mix it all up thoroughly to combine.

You now pour the whole mixture into the deodorant stick container making sure the bottom of the deodorant stick is at the bottom of the container.

Once you have done all this, you now will put it in the fridge to harden overnight. Once the deodorant stick has nicely hardened, the deodorant is now ready to be used.

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Olive Oil Does Not Make Your Penis Bigger

It has been suggested that putting Olive Oil on your penis will make your Penis Bigger. We will reveal to you the real truth so you don’t waste your time. So the big question. Will putting Olive Oil on your penis make your penis bigger? The truth is “No”, Olive Oil will not increase the size of your penis. So do not be fooled. Yes, you see videos and so on stating that Olive Oil can make your penis larger. This by massaging it on the penis for a period of time.

Those videos and so on are just trying to get views to make money. They use headlines that catch your attention. As they know you want a bigger penis so you check it out. The fact is, Olive Oil will do very little in the way of enlarging your penis.

Here is a real test to see if an Olive Oil Penis Massaging would increase the size of the penis. There was a small test group of men ranging from ages 32-56. They used the extra virgin Olive Oil massage on their own penis for 30 days. They all routinely started massaging their penis each day for 20 min.

Out of the small test group at the end of the 30 day test period. None of the men showed any signs their penis was any bigger. What was reported at the end of the 30 day test was the skin of the penis was much softer. Also found they could stay erect longer. So in fact there was at least some benefit, but enlarging your penis was not happening.

The proven benefits of massaging your penis with Olive Oil

1 – Helps to strengthen the penis without any side effects.

2 – Better blood circulation in the penis which can help your penis stay erect longer.

To achieve these benefits all you need to do is apply the olive oil on a daily basis by gently massaging it on the penis for about 15-20 minutes. Take note of this. The average size of the penis is 5.54 inches or (14.07 cm) length and 3.11 inches or (7.9 cm) in girth. If your penis is of average size or even a little bigger you just fine as you are.

If you really want a little Bigger Penis you could a few exercises for making the penis bigger. They may or may not help your penis size. The exercises must be done on a regular basis and it could take a long time to see any real results. If wanting to try them just do a search online they are easily found. So to recap. Massaging your penis with Olive Oil will not make your penis any bigger. Tt can only help with strengthening the penis and giving better blood circulation for the penis.

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Tomato Juice For Constipation Relief

Tomato Juice is very good for constipation relief and has the added benefit of being great for your health. While most people realize that tomatoes are a healthy addition to one’s diet, they may not know just how beneficial drinking tomato juice is for your bowels. You have heard of hard stools that are stuck and keep things partially blocked, well this is also an area where the tomato juice can assist in relieving.

Drinking Tomato juice on a regular basis can help to keep your intestinal tract cleaner and the cleaner your intestines are, generally the healthy a person is. If you get really constipated with stuck or just slow moving hard stoles, drinking tomato juice may help effectively un-block things and get all moving as regular once again. You can also find tomato juice in other products such a V8 vegetable juice, which has other vegetables that can also benefit you as well.

Drinking tomato juice and or eating fresh tomatoes on a regular basis could have very positive effects on your health. Trying to stay healthy in today’s world is getting harder to with all the junk foods, different types of pollution, the many additives that are being put in our foods and even modifying our foods called GMO. A GMO food is an organism whose genome has been altered by techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA now contains one or more genes that normally are not found there. So make sure when buying your fresh tomatoes that they are not GMO.

Constipation is a problem for many people and most tend to run for medication type alternatives, which may help, or may actually make the problem much worse in the long run. If you have have a light constipation issue, all you may need to do to get all going regular again is drink 3-4 cups of tomato juice a day for a few days. If you have a very bad case of constipation, you could mix ¼ cup of virgin olive oil with 2 cups tomato juice and drink it first thing in the morning, wait at least 2 hours after drinking before eating. Both the tomato juice and olive oil will work together to get everything moving along effectively and much safer than medications. Always consult your doctor before trying any of these for constipation relief.

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Coconut Oil Helps Your Teeth And Gums Stay Healthy

For many people having good teeth and gums is a top concern, well here is a test using Coconut Oil pulling we did and it really surprised us. We have heard that Oil Pulling was a good thing to do, it was supposed to remove the bad bacteria/toxins from your system, while helping your mouth stay in a healthier state. We were not sure this would actually work, but we gave it a try using Olive Oil for a few weeks to see if we could notice any results.

Three of did this test and after the three weeks of doing the oil pulling once a day, sorry to say we really did not notice any difference than prior to doing the oil pulling using olive oil. Now we have heard that the Coconut Oil is much better to use and decided to check it out for ourselves and did another three week oil pulling test, this time with the Coconut Oil.

This time around after the three weeks of testing this out, all three of us reported some good results. The results were noted as stains on the teeth had diminished, not completely gone, but noticeably reduced. The teeth felt harder and stronger, is the best words to explain this. Then I noticed that my teeth sensitivity to cold or hot was definitely much improved. Before doing the Coconut Oil pulling my teeth ached when any slight amount cold hit them, even the special tooth pastes could not get rid of it, but the Coconut Oil in fact did. Of course you will have to keep doing to maintain this or tooth sensitivity will most likely come back.

This is very good news where our mouth health and teeth are concerned. Just a simple easy procedure but using Coconut Oil only, really did make good improvements. After this test was done and the results were seen, we are all now sticking with the Oil Pulling using Coconut Oil for life. We now have read reports that even some dentists are recommending this same procedure as seems to improve your gums and looks like may help prevent cavities or at least slow the tooth decay process down, which is all great news and can benefit most of us. Other good points to using the Coconut Oil you can also brush your teeth with it, possibly mixing a little baking soda in with it to make a great non chemical safe natural toothpaste.


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Coffee Helps Relieve Aches And Pains After Exercise

Drinking Coffee can really help relieve your body aches and pains from exercise. Being a bodybuilder for many years I have used drinking Coffee to help my workouts and to reduce aches and pains from my workouts. I know many people who drink Coffee on a daily basis who agree that it can reduce some body aches and pains. Of course if you a particular pain of some type and it never seems to go away, then it would be best to see your doctor, as that kind of pain may be serious.

After exercise drinking a cup of coffee can help rid that feeling of too much soreness in the muscles and so on. Just always remember that you cannot drink coffee all day long and consider it a good healthy thing to do. As with anything, moderation when consuming coffee is the key. Also a good rule of thumb if drinking coffee to help reduce body aches and pains, is to drink a cup of pure water for every cup of coffee you drink. For most healthy people 1-3 cups of coffee daily is a good limit to stay within. If you have any health problems or are taking any medications of any kind, always consult your doctor before adding coffee into your diet.

The reason I am writing this article about drinking Coffee being possibly helpful for reducing aches and pains after physical exercise, is that it has help myself and many others for these exact issues of aches and pains after a hard exercise session. Some people simply cannot tolerate the aches and pains associated with intense exercise, so if they had a simple yet cheap way of reducing these issues, it would be very important for their motivation to continue with their exercise program. Remember, adding anything like sugar and or cream to your coffee may add extra calories on so on, best to drink your coffee black, just something to consider.


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Stop Smoking – Every Cigarette Is Making You Sick

If you are a smoker, then you need to stop smoking before it ends your life for good. If you are really serious about stopping your smoking habit read on. to improve your health, then you can do it. If you are in the category of most smokers who want to pretend they are going to stop smoking, by looking for a crutch of some type to miraculously stop it for you, then you are dreaming. Think about it, how did you start smoking? You started slowly and over time increased the amount you smoke each day. Well, this is how to also stop smoking.

You get yourself a book/binder and you follow a smoking reduction program/cycle, that’s it, no more silly excuses like, “it’s too hard to stop” or “I need help to stop smoking”. These are the very common phrases most smokers fall back on to allow a reason for not stopping. You are in control of you, you started smoking, yes, you can stop smoking. Your body adapted to the routine of smoking cigarettes daily and will also adapt to the routine of reducing your daily smoking of cigarettes.

Are You Going To Stop Smoking Or Not?

If you are not going to be strong and stop yourself from smoking. You might fall into trying every stop smoking program there is. Making those people rich in the process. Of course you along with a large majority of other smokers. Who try stop smoking in this manner will generally fail. So you need to decide for you and possibly for your family. Are you are going to stop smoking or not?

You know very well by now if you smoke, you most likely are going to die from smoking. Yes, we know there are some people who smoke all their lives and live to 85 years old, just to pass away from a cold. Lots of long time smoker like to bring this up, but the actual truth is, these heavy long time smokers who seem to catch a break and live to a nice old age are in fact rare cases. Of course there will always be a few people out of thousands who can smoke and get away with it, but the odds are it will not be you!

If you really want to “Stop Smoking” just do it by following this simple cost free program

Whatever the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis is of no concern. You will simply make this in a book or binder to follow. Just check off as you go along each week. You will reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked each day by one. You will do this until you get down to smoking one cigarette daily. You will then smoke one cigarette daily for one week. Then for one week you will smoke one cigarette on day one of that week, the next day you smoke no cigarettes and continue this cycle for 7- 8 days (about one week). Then you are going to stop completely. You will never smoke another cigarette from that day on.

You will now start chewing gum to take the place of the cigarettes (not stop smoking type gum). You will grow healthier and healthier by the day as toxins are removed. You should also think about taking a good Multi Vitamin to help you get health back faster and try to eat as good as you can. You know you have to stop. So do not make any kind of excuses. You just have to be an adult about it and stop period!

If this program has helped you out, you could send a small donation as a thank you to our PayPal Account. Just send your donation to and have a great day!

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Fish Oil Is Your Friend Take It Daily

Fish Oil truly gives you wonderful health benefits, so take it daily. There are more and more studies pouring out about the great benefits of taking Fish Oil, which suggest if you are not taking Fish Oil on a regular basis, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Fish oil is excellent for your arteries, your heart will benefit, blood pressure may benefit, your joints will benefit and it seems to also help reduce fat mass.

If starting to take fish oil, you can take it in by supplement forum such as capsules or you can simply just eat oily fish such as salmon. The point to where the reduction of fat mass comes into play was done by researchers in France. They found out though their research the magic numbers especially for women was 3 grams of fish oil once a day and kicks in around two months. The researchers found that total fat mass and body fat levels of the fish oil users decreased, this especially being around the midsection/trunk area. Also as a bonus the research found that those that took in 3 grams of fish oil per day also greatly reduced the risk of having a heart attack.

This was all found out during this short term study, but the results clearly speak for themselves. The fatty acids derived from fish will delay the growth of fat cells which is great news for all of you who are trying to lose weight, especially from around your midsection area. If you exercise and take or eat oily fish, you are well on your way to a much healthier life style. This is so simple to do and we all should be doing it, even if you are generally healthy, fish oil will help keep you in a more healthy state. Remember it’s only 3 grams of fish oil per day, which will provide you with great benefits for a longer more healthy life. Fish Oil health benefits are for real!


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Creatine Monohydrate Micronized Works Best

With so many forms of Creatine on the market to choose from, all claiming to be the best, which form is really the best? I decided to do a test along with four other friends who take Creatine routinely, to find out which form of Creatine gave us the best results. Like many of you who take Creatine, you also want the strength and size that it should deliver, well the truth is many forms of Creatine do not deliver much for strength and size. Myself and my four friends decided to test out a few forums of Creatine, to find out for ourselves which form of Creatine is cost effective and does deliver the strength and size we want.

Here are the forms of Creatine we tried, each form was tested for 8 weeks:

Creatine Hydrochloride (HCl)

Creatine Kre-Alkalyn

Creatine Monohydrate Micronized

After 8 weeks we all found out that Creatine Hydrochloride and Creatine Kre-Alkalyn did little in the way of strength or size increase unless you took far more daily that directed. This would be very expensive to follow, but staying on the recommended daily dosage showed little results. Now on the other hand we all experiences strength and size gains with the Micronized Creatine, which is far cheaper to use than the other forms of Creatine even at 20 grams daily which is what we took for the 8 week test.

I wish I would have know this about Creatine long before I went on Creatine Hydrochloride for 1 year and wondered why I lost strength and size. I just thought it was due to getting older and that it is just the way she goes. On Creatine Hydrochloride my body weight went from 240 pounds down to 232 pounds and my arm dropped from a 20 inch cold measure to 19 inch cold measure, yet my stomach measurement was the same as usual. So lost muscle size and strength, but body fat levels basically were the same as usual.

Now when I switched back to Micronized Creatine I started to notice strength and size coming back fast. My weight actually shot back up to over 240 pounds and my arms after a few weeks of hard workouts were right back up to 20 inches cold. I now know if I was to switch to a different form of Creatine, I would have to take far more than the recommended dosage to get any results and of course this would be much more expensive than taking the Micronized Creatine.

Just a note, during the testing of each form of Creatine we all stayed with our usual routines, supplements, eating etc Only change was the different forms of Creatine. I really needed to know which Creatine was best over-all and the facts showed me that the Creatine Monohydrate Micronized is the true winner!


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Ginseng A Real Boost Of Energy

Ginseng while being very beneficial for your health can give you a real long lasting boost of energy. If the Ginseng is Panax Ginseng, you will also notice a strength increase after about 1 week of taking it daily, but only if it is in liquid form, the capsules I found have very little effect.  Always take Ginseng as the product directions state, taking more does not mean it is better. You should always consult with your doctor before taking Ginseng just to make sure it is fine for you.

Most people I know rely on caffeine daily from coffee to give them an energy boost. Caffeine is ok to take in for energy boosting, but is not as superior as Ginseng is for boosting your energy levels. Also the energy boost from Ginseng is smooth plus very long lasting, where as caffeine as an energy source may not last very long at all and may even drop you hard, feeling big loss of energy or crash. Taking Ginseng daily just keeps your energy levels higher and nice and steady. If you take too much Ginseng, you will usually get a jittery kind of feeling and not sleep well. I think this is the Ginseng raising your hormone levels in a natural way and you would need to adjust your intake if gets to this point where it is uncomfortable.

Yes, Ginseng can increase your hormone levels, I have felt this many times over and others have said they also feel the effects in a similar fashion. This is more than likely where the energy boost comes from, the more Ginseng daily the higher the hormone increase will be to a certain point as is a natural product. Also take note that when your hormones increase your blood pressure may also increase, this is one of the reasons you need to consult your own doctor before taking Ginseng.

People are downing energy drinks by the bucket full in order to have higher energy to assist them with daily work, or working out in the gym and so on, but this may lead to drinking more and more of these energy drinks daily as your body will get accustomed to a certain dosage and you will not feel the energy from it any more. Now taking Ginseng daily you can stay at a recommended dosage and always feel the same energy boost, you never need to keep increasing it like caffeine found in coffee and most energy drinks.

The most potent Ginseng formula for increasing energy, hormones, strength and mental alertness is Panax Ginseng (red ginseng root) combined with royal jelly in liquid form (vials) When we compared this Ginseng formula with others especially the capsule formulas, it was very clear the liquid formula works much better and faster.

Ginseng does work great and has wonderful health benefits for men and women, but just like anything else too much can have adverse effects, so only use as directed and do consult your doctor before taking.


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Cranberry Juice Is Full Of Health Benefits

Cranberry Juice is an excellent very healthy full of health benefits type of juice you may want to consider drinking on a regular basis. Most people think Cranberries or Cranberry Juice is only good for one purpose, which is to help urinary tract infections and is basically just for women. This is all true that Cranberry is excellent for helping with urinary tract infections, the thing most people do not know about Cranberry Juice, is that it has great health benefits in other areas as well.

Of course Cranberry Juice is very popular for helping to cure urinary tract infections in both men and women, it is also good as an anti-tumor inhibitor due to the polyphenolic compounds it contains. It may help breast, colon, prostate, lung and other cancerous tumors and the salicylic acid which Cranberry also contain may help to reduce swelling and to possibly prevent blood clots. I drink Cranberry Juice as it has been shown to help with heart health, as in preventing hardening of the arteries which is great news for all. Studies show that it works in the same way it helps clear the urinary tract, to clear arteries and prevent the accumulation of debris or arterial plaque leading to atheroscierosis.

Cranberry health benefits do not stop here, it seems that Cranberries may also be very helpful for preventing kidney stones due to the acid components found in the juice. Cranberry has also been found to give very good anti-aging benefits such as, preventing memory loss, lack of coordination and protecting cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules or what is also referred to as free radicals. Cranberry has also been found to be very effective at fighting infections, sore throats and even colds.

As you can plainly see Eating Cranberries or drinking Cranberry juice on a daily basis can give you a wealth of health benefits and it does taste good. Cranberry Juice also Contains, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B-6. I drink two cups of diet Cranberry Juice daily as it has no added sugar and does really taste great, so there is really no excuse to not drink it on a daily basis to improve your health, it’s so dam good for you!


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