Ginseng A Real Boost Of Energy

Ginseng while being very beneficial for your health can give you a real long lasting boost of energy. If the Ginseng is Panax Ginseng, you will also notice a strength increase after about 1 week of taking it daily, but only if it is in liquid form, the capsules I found have very little effect.  Always take Ginseng as the product directions state, taking more does not mean it is better. You should always consult with your doctor before taking Ginseng just to make sure it is fine for you.

Most people I know rely on caffeine daily from coffee to give them an energy boost. Caffeine is ok to take in for energy boosting, but is not as superior as Ginseng is for boosting your energy levels. Also the energy boost from Ginseng is smooth plus very long lasting, where as caffeine as an energy source may not last very long at all and may even drop you hard, feeling big loss of energy or crash. Taking Ginseng daily just keeps your energy levels higher and nice and steady. If you take too much Ginseng, you will usually get a jittery kind of feeling and not sleep well. I think this is the Ginseng raising your hormone levels in a natural way and you would need to adjust your intake if gets to this point where it is uncomfortable.

Yes, Ginseng can increase your hormone levels, I have felt this many times over and others have said they also feel the effects in a similar fashion. This is more than likely where the energy boost comes from, the more Ginseng daily the higher the hormone increase will be to a certain point as is a natural product. Also take note that when your hormones increase your blood pressure may also increase, this is one of the reasons you need to consult your own doctor before taking Ginseng.

People are downing energy drinks by the bucket full in order to have higher energy to assist them with daily work, or working out in the gym and so on, but this may lead to drinking more and more of these energy drinks daily as your body will get accustomed to a certain dosage and you will not feel the energy from it any more. Now taking Ginseng daily you can stay at a recommended dosage and always feel the same energy boost, you never need to keep increasing it like caffeine found in coffee and most energy drinks.

The most potent Ginseng formula for increasing energy, hormones, strength and mental alertness is Panax Ginseng (red ginseng root) combined with royal jelly in liquid form (vials) When we compared this Ginseng formula with others especially the capsule formulas, it was very clear the liquid formula works much better and faster.

Ginseng does work great and has wonderful health benefits for men and women, but just like anything else too much can have adverse effects, so only use as directed and do consult your doctor before taking.


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