Asthma Treatment New Hope Ginger

As with any Asthma Treatment what works for one person may not work for another, but certainly new treatments are on the way!  Asthma presents itself as a tightening of your airways due to the inflammation surrounding the tissue, mucus production and phlegm. While most asthma attacks can be handled with current aerosol treatments, there are few advancements in asthma treatments over the last few years despite asthma being a quite serious breathing disorder and potentially fatal health problem.

Researchers from Columbia University have found that adding components derived from ginger to common asthma medication could make the medication even more effective. The active components allow contracted airways smooth muscle tissue to relax to a greater degree than using common asthma medication on its own. The most active compound was6-shogaol. The study found that all three ginger components together had significant power to inhibit PDE4D, therefore allowing the body’s  coping mechanism to work correctly. These findings were presented at the American Thoracic Society 2013 conference in Philadelphia.

They will be exploring whether an aerosol delivery of the purified ginger constituents will be a viable way of delivering a more effective and wider asthma relief for those who suffer from other airway-restricting diseases.

Did you know that recent research has also shown that Vitamin D derived from sunlight may help control symptoms for severe asthma sufferers as well as taking daily flax oil. Hopefully Asthma will be an easy problem to control very soon.

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