Fish Oil For Good Health

Fish oil such as Wild Salmon, Sardine and Anchovy are great health giving oils to help you stay healthy. These oils in particular can lower blood pressure, help protect you from plaque build up in your arteries, will even lubricate your joints so they do not get stiff and sore as you age. These good health oils contain high levels of essential fatty acids and are known to promote general good health.

Most people take in very little good oils and usually take in plenty of the bad oils found in all sorts of packaged and processed foods and general fast foods. When you take in a high a high level of the bad oils, over time your body ages faster than it normally would resulting in health issues. We all need to up our intake of the good oils containing the essential fatty acids we need for maintaining our health, especially if you are a junk food junky and or a smoker. Smoking by itself is extremely harmful to your arteries as it scars your arterial walls, when then tells your body to send cholesterol into the area to patch the artery scars. Cholesterol is sticky, so will stick and build up on top of these scars, which then leads to a blockage and then down the road a possible heart attack. Fish oils such as wild salmon will slow down this procedure or may totally prevent the cholesterol from building up in the arteries all together, thus saving your life!

Fish Oil Benefits:

  • May help to keep your blood pressure normal.
  • May help you to live longer.
  • Fish oil helps lubricate your joints.
  • Helps reduce inflammation works as an Anti-Inflammatory.
  • May help to lose weight.
  • Helps protect your arteries from blockages.
  • May helps relieve constipation issues.
  • May help to maintain your eyesight.

There are other benefits to taking fish oils on a daily basis, but these are the main ones. You can eat the fish as wild salmon, sardines, anchovy, or you can buy these good fish oils in supplement form which makes it very convenient and easy to take. Remember, the only person that can improve your health is you!


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