Stop Smoking – Every Cigarette Is Making You Sick

If you are a smoker, then you need to stop smoking before it ends your life for good. If you are really serious about stopping your smoking habit read on. to improve your health, then you can do it. If you are in the category of most smokers who want to pretend they are going to stop smoking, by looking for a crutch of some type to miraculously stop it for you, then you are dreaming. Think about it, how did you start smoking? You started slowly and over time increased the amount you smoke each day. Well, this is how to also stop smoking.

You get yourself a book/binder and you follow a smoking reduction program/cycle, that’s it, no more silly excuses like, “it’s too hard to stop” or “I need help to stop smoking”. These are the very common phrases most smokers fall back on to allow a reason for not stopping. You are in control of you, you started smoking, yes, you can stop smoking. Your body adapted to the routine of smoking cigarettes daily and will also adapt to the routine of reducing your daily smoking of cigarettes.

Are You Going To Stop Smoking Or Not?

If you are not going to be strong and stop yourself from smoking. You might fall into trying every stop smoking program there is. Making those people rich in the process. Of course you along with a large majority of other smokers. Who try stop smoking in this manner will generally fail. So you need to decide for you and possibly for your family. Are you are going to stop smoking or not?

You know very well by now if you smoke, you most likely are going to die from smoking. Yes, we know there are some people who smoke all their lives and live to 85 years old, just to pass away from a cold. Lots of long time smoker like to bring this up, but the actual truth is, these heavy long time smokers who seem to catch a break and live to a nice old age are in fact rare cases. Of course there will always be a few people out of thousands who can smoke and get away with it, but the odds are it will not be you!

If you really want to “Stop Smoking” just do it by following this simple cost free program

Whatever the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis is of no concern. You will simply make this in a book or binder to follow. Just check off as you go along each week. You will reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked each day by one. You will do this until you get down to smoking one cigarette daily. You will then smoke one cigarette daily for one week. Then for one week you will smoke one cigarette on day one of that week, the next day you smoke no cigarettes and continue this cycle for 7- 8 days (about one week). Then you are going to stop completely. You will never smoke another cigarette from that day on.

You will now start chewing gum to take the place of the cigarettes (not stop smoking type gum). You will grow healthier and healthier by the day as toxins are removed. You should also think about taking a good Multi Vitamin to help you get health back faster and try to eat as good as you can. You know you have to stop. So do not make any kind of excuses. You just have to be an adult about it and stop period!

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