Stop Smoking – Every Cigarette Is Making You Sick

If you are a smoker, then you need to stop smoking before it ends your life for good. If you are really serious about stopping your smoking habit read on. to improve your health, then you can do it. If you are in the category of most smokers who want to pretend they are going to stop smoking, by looking for a crutch of some type to miraculously stop it for you, then you are dreaming. Think about it, how did you start smoking? You started slowly and over time increased the amount you smoke each day. Well, this is how to also stop smoking.

You get yourself a book/binder and you follow a smoking reduction program/cycle, that’s it, no more silly excuses like, “it’s too hard to stop” or “I need help to stop smoking”. These are the very common phrases most smokers fall back on to allow a reason for not stopping. You are in control of you, you started smoking, yes, you can stop smoking. Your body adapted to the routine of smoking cigarettes daily and will also adapt to the routine of reducing your daily smoking of cigarettes.

Are You Going To Stop Smoking Or Not?

If you are not going to be strong and stop yourself from smoking. You might fall into trying every stop smoking program there is. Making those people rich in the process. Of course you along with a large majority of other smokers. Who try stop smoking in this manner will generally fail. So you need to decide for you and possibly for your family. Are you are going to stop smoking or not?

You know very well by now if you smoke, you most likely are going to die from smoking. Yes, we know there are some people who smoke all their lives and live to 85 years old, just to pass away from a cold. Lots of long time smoker like to bring this up, but the actual truth is, these heavy long time smokers who seem to catch a break and live to a nice old age are in fact rare cases. Of course there will always be a few people out of thousands who can smoke and get away with it, but the odds are it will not be you!

If you really want to “Stop Smoking” just do it by following this simple cost free program

Whatever the amount of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis is of no concern. You will simply make this in a book or binder to follow. Just check off as you go along each week. You will reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked each day by one. You will do this until you get down to smoking one cigarette daily. You will then smoke one cigarette daily for one week. Then for one week you will smoke one cigarette on day one of that week, the next day you smoke no cigarettes and continue this cycle for 7- 8 days (about one week). Then you are going to stop completely. You will never smoke another cigarette from that day on.

You will now start chewing gum to take the place of the cigarettes (not stop smoking type gum). You will grow healthier and healthier by the day as toxins are removed. You should also think about taking a good Multi Vitamin to help you get health back faster and try to eat as good as you can. You know you have to stop. So do not make any kind of excuses. You just have to be an adult about it and stop period!

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Coffee Before a Workout an Asset or Harmful?

Drinking  your Coffee can be a real asset before workouts for most of us, but you must be made aware of a few things first.

Drinking coffee is actually good to have approximately 1/2 hour before your training or workout. Every person will need to find out by trial and error how much coffee they need to take, as everyone will be a little different. One thing people do not know is that coffee will pull out minerals from your body like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and water. If you drink three or more cups of coffee a day, this may over time get serious, you need to start taking electrolytes in capsule or powdered form with water to replace these minerals that are being washed out of you.

When you workout or exercise you do not want to be low on your electrolytes, as you will start to cramp, feel much weaker and will not recuperate as fast. I drink  2 cups of coffee 1/2 hour before I workout with weight and right after my coffee I generally take 4-5 electrolyte capsules in 1 cup water then I’m good to go. Drinking coffee is really not all that bad for most of us, in fact it is very good for many people, just as long as you do not over consume. Even if you do not workout or exercise, you should always take some electrolytes after drinking your daily coffee, this way you will not run into any problems later on.

If you want the most out of drinking coffee, you really should be drinking it black, no sugar, no cream, no toppings, as studies have shown over and over, coffee is better for you in this fashion health wise.

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Coffee High Blood Pressure Risk?

Coffee or actually Caffeine has previously been implicated in an increased risk of high blood pressure, but is this actually true? Recent studies of people consuming 2-3 cups of coffee daily have not confirmed any association with drinking the coffee and an increased blood pressure risk.

There was a 12 year study of 155,000 female nurses who drank daily large amounts of coffee, yet did not show signs of a rise in blood pressure. Previously there were studies done that had already shown statistically insignificant associations between the drinking of coffee and clinical hypertension. The effect of drinking coffee on morbidity and mortality due to its effect on a persons blood pressure is too weak and has not been studied further.

Granted all people are different and may respond to drinking coffee in different ways, but the majority seem to have very few, if any side effects from drinking coffee on a daily basis. If you are a person who already has hypertension, you may want to check with your doctor before consuming coffee on a daily basis. I would also like to point out if you add all sorts of cream and toppings to your coffee, not only will you most likely gain weight, but have a better chance of getting high blood pressure. It really is best to drink your coffee black. Some people love black coffee, some hate it! I was a person who hated black coffee until I forced myself to drink it, now I love black coffee and would never go back.

I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure before I started drinking coffee on a daily basis. I found out my high blood pressure was actually caused my weight training far to hard and frequently. Once I learnt to not over train with weights, my blood pressure went back to normal and continued to stay in the normal range, even after I started drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily. So there is really nothing to worry about if you are in normal health, sit back and enjoy a cup or two of coffee and enjoy life.

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Asthma Treatment New Hope Ginger

As with any Asthma Treatment what works for one person may not work for another, but certainly new treatments are on the way!  Asthma presents itself as a tightening of your airways due to the inflammation surrounding the tissue, mucus production and phlegm. While most asthma attacks can be handled with current aerosol treatments, there are few advancements in asthma treatments over the last few years despite asthma being a quite serious breathing disorder and potentially fatal health problem.

Researchers from Columbia University have found that adding components derived from ginger to common asthma medication could make the medication even more effective. The active components allow contracted airways smooth muscle tissue to relax to a greater degree than using common asthma medication on its own. The most active compound was6-shogaol. The study found that all three ginger components together had significant power to inhibit PDE4D, therefore allowing the body’s  coping mechanism to work correctly. These findings were presented at the American Thoracic Society 2013 conference in Philadelphia.

They will be exploring whether an aerosol delivery of the purified ginger constituents will be a viable way of delivering a more effective and wider asthma relief for those who suffer from other airway-restricting diseases.

Did you know that recent research has also shown that Vitamin D derived from sunlight may help control symptoms for severe asthma sufferers as well as taking daily flax oil. Hopefully Asthma will be an easy problem to control very soon.

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Drinking Coffee Daily May Protect Your Brain

Here is more good Coffee news as research suggests drinking Coffee daily may actually cut the risk of dementia in many people. Coffee is able to do this by blocking the damage cholesterol which otherwise would inflict on the body.

Drinking coffee daily has already been linked to a lower risk rate of  getting Alzheimer’s Disease seen in a study by a US team for the Journal of Neuroinflammation. A vital barrier between the brain and main blood supply of rabbits which were fed a high fat diet was protected in rabbits that were given a caffeine supplement. Coffee which contains caffeine is a safe and readily available drug and with its ability to stabilise the blood brain barrier means it could have a very important role to play in therapies against neurological disorders. The “blood brain barrier” is basically just a filter which protects the central nervous system from potentially harmful chemicals carried in the bloodstream.

Studies have shown that high levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream can make this barrier leaky. Researchers suggest this makes the brain very vulnerable to damage which can trigger or contribute to the condition or risk. The University of North Dakota study used the equivalent of one cup of coffee in their experiments on the rabbits and after 12 weeks on a high cholesterol diet, the rabbits blood brain barriers in those given the caffeine supplement was much more intact than in the rabbits that received no caffeine at all.

Caffeine actually appears to be able to block several of the disruptive effects of cholesterol when could allow the blood-brain barrier to become leaky. High levels of cholesterol are a big risk factor for getting Alzheimer’s disease, possibly do to compromising the protective nature of the blood brain barrier it’s self.

Of course there is more research that has to be done, but at the moment it look good for us daily coffee drinkers to continue drinking our beloved friend Coffee, it just may give us an edge to live longer lives! The good benefits of drinking coffee daily, greatly out way the few bad effects seen in some people.

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Drinking Coffee May Help You Live Longer

Coffee drinkers at times get a bad rep as some people believe coffee is not good for you, did you know drinking coffee may help you live longer? Most coffee drinkers are using it for a quick energy pick up, not even realizing coffee may also be extending their life span.

New studies and research suggests that drinking your daily coffee, even in larger amounts, might help you live longer. Of course there is always an exception as some people should not be drinking coffee at all due to health problems or even being allergic. If you fall into this category please get advice from your doctor before consuming coffee.

Coffee drinkers were observed in a study, which showed slightly lower death rates than non-coffee drinkers over a period of time, whether their java of choice had caffeine in it or was decaf.

The findings do not prove 100% that coffee will protect us and allow us to live longer, but it does strongly show that drinking coffee in larger amounts is not harmful if you are in good health. Women who drank two to three cups of coffee per day had a 18% reduction in death rates from all causes, while the women who drank four to five cups of coffee per day had a whopping 26% reduction in death rate or risk. It seems the risk reduction is better for women than for men.

The evidence showing health benefits for coffee drinkers continues to grow with many studies revealing regular coffee consumption linked to decreased risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer.

There are some studies that suggest drinking caffeinated coffee is associated with an increased risk for heart attacks and stroke, but only in people who already have heart disease. The American Heart Association concludes the research linking coffee/caffeine to health risks is still a conflicting issue. The association also concludes that moderate intake for coffee consumption, such as one to two 8oz cups per day, does not seem to have any harmful effects.

In another study to help clarify the issue about coffee drinking, Lopez-Garcia along with colleagues from the University of Madrid and Harvard University analyzed the data from about 84,000 women who participated in Harvard’s Nurse’s Health Study and about 41,000 men who participated in the companion study involving male health professionals. None of these participants had any form of cancer or heart disease at the time of enrollment and all completed dietary and health questionnaires every two to four years which included questions about their coffee consumption and other dietary habits, such as smoking.

During the 18 years of follow up for the men and 24 years of follow up in for the women, approximately 4,500 deaths from heart disease and 7,500 deaths from cancer occurred. Also an additional 6,000 deaths were from other causes. After all the data was in including other risk factors such as body weight, diet, smoking and disease status, the researchers concluded that people who drank coffee were less likely to die and that the risk reduction was from a lower risk of death from heart disease. of course this deserves further studies.

To sum things up, if you are a moderate coffee drinkers and in good health you may get life extending benefits from your daily coffee consumption which is certainly good news!

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Common Foods That Contain Bad Trans Fats

Most people are now aware of bad Trans Fats, a very bad health causing ingredient for prolonging shelf life and taste of certain foods. Trans fat is formed when natural vegetable oil is hardened through a hydrogenation process and is very commonly done to increase food shelf life, but at a big cost to your health.

Many Studies confirm that continued consumption of trans fats as little as one gram per day can increase the bad cholesterol in your body and put you at a far greater risk for heart disease, high blood pressure even may trigger type 2 diabetes. Most of our snack food contain trans fats and could seriously be putting our general health at great risk.

Here is a list of common foods that usually contain trans fats that you should try to avoid eating, to help you stay healthy:

  • Microwaved popcorn snacks: Popcorn is one of those highly popular snacks we all indulge in and do not suspect it of being fattening or harmful to our health. The fact is most microwaved popcorn does contain trans fats.
  • Potato chips snacks: Again another very popular snack food and possibly the worst. Even one small bag of potato chips usually contain three to four grams of trans fats which is very high.
  • Snack Crackers: They look very innocent to most people, but the sad truth is most snack crackers often contain trans fats.
  • Cereals: Some cereals actually contain trans fats, especially the sweeter  varieties. The same goes for many cereal bars that are marketed as health bars, so you must be careful.
  • Frozen type foods: Most pies, cakes, pizzas, waffles, pastries, are usually containing high amounts of trans fats. We all fall victim to these types of foods as they are fast and easy to serve up.
  • French fries: Millions of people eat french fries daily perhaps the most popular trans fat loaded food in the world.
  • Cookies: Most of us love cookies and usually eat at least a few of them at one serving.  Just three average cookies can pack in nearly three grams of bad trans fats. Best to avoid the store-bought cookies and just make your own which will be much healthier for you and your family.
  • Margarine (the hard variety): All hard margarine needs to be hydrogenated which contains trans fats. Use the soft margarine that is not hydrogenated to be on the healthy side.

To better your health, you really should try to avoid eating common foods that contain the bad trans fats, you can look for better foods to replace them as more and more products are starting to offer o trans fats food in place of the original foods, this gives you a healthy option.


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Coffee Helps You Recover From Exercise

New research has shown that coffee helps you recover from exercise faster! Just by drinking a few cups of coffee with some carbohydrates, which is usually eaten by athletes just following their workouts, will boosts muscle recovery up to a whopping 60 percent and apparently solves a problem that has eluted sports physiologists until now. This study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology and states has found a solution designed to help athletes recover faster, coffee and carbs!

If an athlete has more fuel in the tank, they will go further. What they have done is give them 50-60 percent more fuel. The athletes we asked to ingest caffeine in the form of coffee, which has no real nutritional benefit, but the results were astounding.

In this case study the athletes were told to cycle to exhaustion before eating a carbohydrate sports drink, bar or gel, along with a high caffeine dose. The caffeine dosage was the equivalent of five to six cups of strong brewed coffee immediately after the exercise routine. They found that the amount of carbohydrates that could be stored by the muscles when ingested combined with the higher caffeine dosage, was about 60 percent higher than with just carbohydrates alone. If you have 60 percent more fuel there for your next day’s weight lifting routine, Bodybuilding, running, cycling or hockey game, there is no question at all, that you would be able to go further or faster than usual.

Caffeine does have a wonderful effect on both short-term endurance and strength. It is a remarkable drug that affects both ends of the spectrum. Even if you do not want to drink 5-6 cups of coffee with your carbohydrates, you will still benefit even from 2 cups of coffee or just take a caffeine supplement. Your training will take on a whole new level using this new found help to recover faster. The benefits of coffee or caffeine just seem to keep growing!

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Melatonin Effective Remedy For Better Sleep

Natural melatonin levels do slowly drop with a persons age and can affect your sleep patterns creating insomnia. Some older adults will make very small amounts of melatonin or in some cases none at all. For most people having occasional bouts of insomnia is normal, but still can be very annoying to deal with. Taking melatonin is easy and effective and you can buy melatonin supplements without a prescription, from most health food stores, most drugstores and other places that sell Herbs, Vitamins and Mineral supplements, also can buy online.

Melatonin should be taken only in its man made form, so always purchase from a reputable company. The usual dosages that are taken about one hour before bedtime are, 1mg to 5mg. Melatonin is a supplement that has help many people, deal with sleep issues as insomnia, as in most cases melatonin supplements are very safe to use in low doses for short term and long term use. As with any supplement you should of course talk with your doctor about taking them.

I myself started to get very bad insomnia when I first started bodybuilding some 25 years ago and was at my wits end trying every sleep remedy I could find, hoping this time around it would work. Most sleep remedies only seemed to work off and on until I discovered melatonin. Just to be clear, I was already taking the usual high dosage Calcium and Magnesium supplements with vitamin D3 and some Flax Oil for absorption, but that was not good enough, as after heavy weight lifting in the evening, getting to sleep was very hard. Then I started adding in melatonin about one hour before bedtime, by dissolving the supplement under my tongue and holding it there for at least 15-20 min. I started with a 3mg dosage nightly and quickly moved up to 5mg as 3mg was just not enough for me. I have been taking 5mg of melatonin every single night for the last 15 years or so and I sleep great no matter what I do.

I have heard of some people taking higher dosages of melatonin up around the 20mg dosage level, but I would never suggest going this high without your doctors consent. Melatonin can have some side effects that include:

  • Lowering your body temperature.
  • Sleepiness.
  • Giving you vivid dreams.
  • Morning grogginess.
  • Small blood pressure changes.

If you get any of these side effects, they will go away when you stop taking the melatonin supplement. I myself have had zero side effects from taking melatonin and will continue to use this excellent sleep aid supplement. There is also some evidence that melatonin may make the immune system stronger, slow the aging process and possible even slow the spreads of cancer, which certainly is good news.

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Drinking Coffee For Real Health Benefits

Most people drink coffee as they love the taste and the added pick-up from the caffeine, they do not know coffee has some real health benefits as well. If you love to drink your coffee daily, you should at least know about some excellent health benefits your are getting from your daily dose of java!

Coffee Antioxidant Boosting: Caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee both contain an antioxidant called trigonelline. Antioxidants are just chemical compounds that fight free radicals in your body, which if allowed to get out of control, will attack your body and cause serious disease like cancer. Through chemical analysis we can see that freshly brewed coffee contains about the same amount of antioxidants as three fresh medium sized oranges.

Coffee Helps Prevent Cavities: While it is a known fact that coffee can stain your teeth, did you know a cup of coffee made from roasted coffee beans, also has antibacterial fighting activities against certain microorganisms as Streptococcus mutans, which is a major cause of dental cavities? It’s true!

Coffee A Headache Buster: While many people have complained of caffeine giving them withdrawal headaches, we have many other people who swear by caffeine to actually eliminate migraine headaches. Cafergot is a mixture of ergotamine tartrate and caffeine which is used to treat and or prevent vascular headaches like migraines and cluster headaches.

Coffee For Weight Loss: According to the Harvard School of Public Health located in Boston does not say you will lose weight by drinking coffee, but that you will gain weight by drinking your coffee loaded with cream, whipped cream, chocolate toppings and other tasty additives. If you want to lose weight you should be drinking black coffee which contains caffeine, which is also an appetite suppressant and it may stimulate thermogenesis (body generating heat from digestion of food) and it is also a known diuretic.

Coffee Has Dietary Fiber: Fresh brewed coffee contains a significantly higher level of soluble dietary fiber than other beverages commonly drank, which certainly is helpful.

Coffee Gives Real Energy Boost: The actual caffeine in coffee does not have specific nutritional value, it does however demonstrate some medicinal properties. It’s very helpful in keeping the mind and body alert and action ready. In fact, did you know the International Olympic Committee states caffeine is a very powerful ergogenic agent, meaning it promotes the ability of your muscles to work.

Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Reduced By Coffee Consumption: A control study was done using 54 patients with probable Alzheimer’s Disease fulfilling the National Institute of Neurological Communicative Disorders and Stroke showed that caffeine intake was associated with a significantly lower risk for AD which is another plus for drinking your daily java.

Coffee Reduces Risk Of Diabetes: In a study combined with statistical data from many other studies, researchers found that people who were drinking four to six cups of coffee per day had a 28 percent reduced risk of getting Diabetes compared with people who drank two or less cups daily. Also, those who drank more than six cups of coffee daily had a whopping 35 percent risk reduction.


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