Taurine Amino Acid Improves Workouts

It certainly may be worth taking Taurine to improve your workouts and your recuperation. Taurine is now considered the second most abundant amino acid in our bodies, the first most abundant being Glutamine. When you workout or put your body through demanding physical exertion, your bodies Taurine supply is used up very fast, so it make perfect sense that we need to take in some extra taurine, before and after exercise. By taking in extra taurine your body can also recuperate faster and will help keep the muscle you already have, it may also even increase your testosterone a little.

I have personally found that taking about 2-5 grams before and right after my workout is very helpful in adding strength, more energy, better focus and faster recuperation. I always seem to get a small strength gain during my workouts if I take taurine and seem to focus a little better than if I didn’t take the taurine at all. Some people report if they take to much taurine at once, it makes then sleepy, so you need to experiment with dosages to find what is right for you and your body. How to take taurine is simple, you can simply add taurine to any pre workout drink such as Gatorade, Cytomax, or if you wish, just take it alone with water.

Taurine is still very cheap and a small bottle will last a long time and is a worthwhile supplement to take. Taurine will not produce miracle muscle growth, but does work slowly and steadily to keep increasing strength and faster recuperation, which over time will be well worth the effort. Give Taurine a try and see if it is for you or not, if you do not like it, you really did not lose much money at all, but fortunately most that try it and stick with it swear by the results!

Fact! Most people who workout that are trying to gain more lean muscle, are now adding taurine daily to their daily supplement intake/stack as it does definitely help.


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