Cool Things Coffee Grounds Can Be Used For

Do you drink a cup or two of Coffee daily? Well you are not alone, Many people reach for our favorite morning beverage every morning to get their day kick started. Did you know that coffee can be used for many other cool thing besides drinking it? Here’s a few cool things coffee can be used for.

Coffee Can Cure Your Stinky Foot Odor

The Atlas Performance Dress Sock can rid your stinky foot odor and it uses carbonized coffee which has been reclaimed from common coffee roasters and shops. It is then processed through a pharmaceutical process to remove the oils in the coffee, then it is infused into recycled polyester yarns. The odor molecules which are made-up of carbon are very strongly attracted to the carbonized coffee, which then imprisons the stinky odors until it’s time to put the socks in the wash.

Coffee Makes Printer Ink

It’s really true, coffee grounds can make printers ink. This very innovative RITI printer will allow you to re-use those damp coffee grounds, making printer ink! All you need to do is place the used grounds into the ink case, then insert a piece of paper and move the ink case left and right to print text, all from simple coffee grounds, weird stuff!

Coffee Can Power A Car

Earlier on this year many news sites reported that coffee may fuel your vehicle. Martin Bacon converted a Ford F-150 truck into Coffee Car Mark 2, which is the world’s fastest coffee powered truck. Bacon installed a charcoal stove on the car, which breaks down  coffee bean chaff into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gases are then cooled and filtered, then the hydrogen can be used to power a modified gasoline motor.

 Use Coffee To Rid Your Dog Of Fleas 

Got a pet who’s got some nasty fleas? To use coffee to rid those nasty fleas, just do this:

  •  Give your dog a normal bath, then take some coffee grounds and rub it into the dogs coat. This remedy will effectively remove the fleas from your dog. Also the abrasive grounds is also good for your dog’s skin. Of course you will want to do this outside as it can be messy!

Grow Mushrooms Easier With Coffee Grounds

Growing your own mushrooms can be quite a tricky process. Mushroom farming needs significant pasteurisation equipment and climatic control. This environment can be very hard to recreate at your home, well not without spending a fortune. Coffee grounds are automatically pasteurized by the actual brewing process, so coffee acts as a convenient, affordable substitution. Within only a few weeks, you can be enjoying your mushrooms at a fraction of the cost from the grocery store.

Coffee Can Be Used As Mulch

Coffee is great for your yard as a mulch material. Just add the coffee grounds directly to the soil, which contains some acid and will break down the sediment of the water.  Breaking down this sediment allows the water to seep deeper into the ground which gives excellent care for your lawn. It also helps stop erosion of your soil and keeps the water from evaporating too quickly. You will have a great looking lawn in no time.

Coffee Is Used To Trap Roaches

Roaches are very attracted to coffee grounds. You put coffee grounds into a large open coffee can outside your home filled with about 2-3 inches or so of the coffee grounds. Place a wooden ruler or stick angled from the top of the coffee can to the ground as to form a ramp for the roaches to climb up on. Go back and check the can in about two or three days and it will most likely be filled with roaches. The trick is the roaches the are highly attracted to the coffee grounds in the can, but they cannot climb out once inside, they are trapped for some odd reason. Just give it a try it does work!

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