Coconut Oil Helps Your Teeth And Gums Stay Healthy

For many people having good teeth and gums is a top concern, well here is a test using Coconut Oil pulling we did and it really surprised us. We have heard that Oil Pulling was a good thing to do, it was supposed to remove the bad bacteria/toxins from your system, while helping your mouth stay in a healthier state. We were not sure this would actually work, but we gave it a try using Olive Oil for a few weeks to see if we could notice any results.

Three of did this test and after the three weeks of doing the oil pulling once a day, sorry to say we really did not notice any difference than prior to doing the oil pulling using olive oil. Now we have heard that the Coconut Oil is much better to use and decided to check it out for ourselves and did another three week oil pulling test, this time with the Coconut Oil.

This time around after the three weeks of testing this out, all three of us reported some good results. The results were noted as stains on the teeth had diminished, not completely gone, but noticeably reduced. The teeth felt harder and stronger, is the best words to explain this. Then I noticed that my teeth sensitivity to cold or hot was definitely much improved. Before doing the Coconut Oil pulling my teeth ached when any slight amount cold hit them, even the special tooth pastes could not get rid of it, but the Coconut Oil in fact did. Of course you will have to keep doing to maintain this or tooth sensitivity will most likely come back.

This is very good news where our mouth health and teeth are concerned. Just a simple easy procedure but using Coconut Oil only, really did make good improvements. After this test was done and the results were seen, we are all now sticking with the Oil Pulling using Coconut Oil for life. We now have read reports that even some dentists are recommending this same procedure as seems to improve your gums and looks like may help prevent cavities or at least slow the tooth decay process down, which is all great news and can benefit most of us. Other good points to using the Coconut Oil you can also brush your teeth with it, possibly mixing a little baking soda in with it to make a great non chemical safe natural toothpaste.


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