Coffee Helps You Stay Younger

Coffee is a world wide very popular drink and it really can help you stay younger. We all know the main ingredient in coffee is the caffeine content, some prefer less caffeine and some of us like a little more. The caffeine content in coffee is what can help to keep us feeling and possibly looking younger longer. For those of you who drink coffee on a daily basis, you will know how much it actually helps you get through daily stress and fatigue, while not actually realizing it may be keeping you younger to boot.

Coffee is a main daily well respected beverage for many people and I think will always be there for people to give them a much need daily boost, pick-me-up, or for good mental clarity. Coffee is also full of antioxidants which can also assist in keeping you younger. The darker coffee usually has more antioxidants and less caffeine content, while the lighter coffee has less antioxidants and usually a little higher caffeine content. This information can be used to one’s advantage, making a one or the other choice of what is more important to you at that time. I like to focus on a little less caffeine and higher antioxidants, while you may want the higher caffeine content and less antioxidants, it’s really your own choice.

The higher caffeine content in coffee will keep your brain functioning in a younger more youthful way. Most people will feel they have more focus and can think much clearer, which as you age can help you greatly. The higher antioxidants in coffee will focus more so on your aging or looks department. The higher a person’s antioxidants levels, usually the younger they tend to look, as antioxidants are very strong free radical scavengers which will help fight the damage that can occur. You can improve how well your coffee works for you by making sure you have adequate B-Vitamins. I generally take a B-Complex capsule daily along with my first cup of morning Coffee, this helps the caffeine content work properly for your brain. Also the B-Complex will help your general health and well-being, so it’s really a win win situation.

Now I know there are people who simply cannot tolerate caffeine from coffee or other sources, you need to ask your doctor what is best for you and follow his/her advice. People with high blood pressure, again must follow their doctors advice when caffeine is involved. Even for us daily coffee drinkers, moderation is always best, do not think drinking more coffee than recommended is totally safe. Caffeine is a good thing for many people and can assist in keeping you younger, but as with anything, too much can actually be very bad for you! Now I think a nice hot cup of Coffee is in order!


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