Coffee Prevents Cavities

Does drinking Coffee prevent cavities, or is it really the other way around? It seems there are some reviews that say drinking coffee may prevent cavities if drank on a daily basis. The real truth is that drinking coffee will not prevent cavities in any way and in fact may actually increase your risk of getting cavities easier.

Coffee whether it is caffeinated coffee or decaffeinated coffee, still does have a certain amount of acidity which is actually harmful to your enamel of your teeth. Coffee can act in a similar fashion as acidic juices like pineapple juice or orange juice and of course certain types of soda pop, that can over time slowly eat away the enamel on your teeth. When your enamel is thinning and slowly going away from the acid erosion, this is when the damage will occur that can result in getting cavities much easier than normal.

If you love drinking your daily coffee as many of us do, you can actually do a few things to protect your teeth against the acidity of your daily coffee consumption. The first thing you can do to protect your teeth from coffee’s acidity, is as soon as you have finished drinking your coffee, go and rinse your mouth out with water. The second thing that will help is to drink your coffee through a straw, but still after drinking your coffee, it is still recommended to rinse your mouth out with water as soon as you can. You should not brush your teeth immediately after drinking an acidic beverage such as coffee, as it can weaken your enamel to the point that if hard brushing occurs could cause damage faster. Rinse your mouth out with water, what a bit, then brush your teeth.

Remember, it is not just coffee that will help to eat away your teeth enamel, acidic juices are a major concern as well such as soda pop, so just be aware of this. There also are special toothpaste and mouth washes that can help protect your tooth enamel as well, you may want to check these products out and possibly use them. Once your enamel is eroded away, there is no getting it back, so take some precautions early on, it will help save your teeth and your wonderful smile.


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Coffee Drinking Health Risks And Benefits

Many people around the world enjoy their steaming hot cup of coffee at least a few times daily, but are their health risks, or benefits from drinking coffee? Just like anything else, eating or drinking to much of something could have health risks and drinking coffee in excess is no exception! Don’t take this only in a bad way, as coffee actually has many good health benefits as well.

The main culprit that give the potential health risks to coffee drinkers is the amount of caffeine ingested. Some people can tolerate huge amounts of caffeine with no problems at all, then there are those who consume as little as one cup of coffee and up goes their blood pressure, there sleep pattern changes, increased anxiety, or they just fell sick. We are all different in the way our bodies handle caffeine, so you must get to know your limits. Since most of the health risks are associated with caffeine, lets look at the caffeine content of coffee.

Coffee Product Caffeine range (mg) Coffee – based on 8 oz cup unless stated different:
Brewed Coffee 65-120
Instant Coffee 60-85
Decaff, brewed coffee 2-4
Decaff, instant coffee 1-4
Espresso, 1 oz cup 30-50
Capuccino, Latte, 1oz shot 30-50
Moccachino, 1 oz shot 35-55

You should learn your limits and really never drink more than 5 cups of coffee daily, you would be risking vitamin/mineral depletion as potassium, calcium, magnesium, creating an imbalance. The risk result of a calcium/magnesium imbalance is calcium deposits may form on the heart muscle. If this starts happens, the heart simply cannot contract properly. Magnesium is important for breaking down fats you eat into fatty acids which are useful in building body parts as nerve sheaths and cellular membranes. When the fats are not broken down properly, they will start to collect in deposits, which can lodge on damaged arterial points, which you certainly do not want. Drinking coffee can flood nutrients out of your body via your urine. This includes Vitamins A, D, E, K and the minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium, plus your essential fatty acids.

A simple way to protect your self if your coffee consumption is very high, just take extra vitamins and minerals as a supplement daily. Coffee does give you some good health benefits as well, such as coffee contains the anticancer compound methylpyridinium which is not present in significant amounts in any other food materials. Methylpyridinium is not present in the raw coffee beans, it is formed during the coffee beans roasting process from trigonelline, which is very common in raw coffee beans. It is present in both caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated coffee, including instant coffee.

There are other benefits to drinking your daily coffee or java as well, but the most important thing to remember is, just drink your coffee in moderation and take extra vitamins and minerals if consumption is on the high side to safe guard yourself.

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