Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Prevent Balding

While Apple Cider Vinegar has many health benefits, did you know it also helps prevent balding? Apple Cider Vinegar will work to prevent hair loss for men and women and will work for about 70% of all who use it on a regular basis. This is a must try treatment that is totally safe and very cost effective as apple cider vinegar is cheap to buy.

Not only will this hair loss home remedy treatment help prevent hair loss it can actually allow new hair to re-grow. This is all you have to do. Get some pure apple cider vinegar and in a small spray bottle, then mix either a 50/50 mixture of apple cider vinegar or a 80/20 mixture of apple cider vinegar and water depending on how much hair loss you have. Then you spray the area that is balding or thinning with the mixture just before bed allowing it to dry before going to sleep. In the morning you can wash your hair or just rinse your hair, or even better just leave the mixture on your head for as long as possible, just make sure to re-apply daily/nightly.

I have been using this hair loss remedy for about 15 years as well as many of my friends including one lady who had thinning hair and we all have re-grew our hair back to normal, it really does stop hair loss and can re-grow hair. Only one person did not respond to this treatment, which is the few people that fall into the 30% who simply cannot re-grow hair period. The key thing here is to use the hair loss remedy regular for many months at a time, hair will re-grow but it is slow. It also will help to take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water along with some B-Complex vitamin supplements daily as these will assist hair growth from inside your body. Some of us look just fine with thinning hair or even being bald, but for people such as myself I would not like the way I would look, if you are like myself, just know possible safe, effective help is a just a spray bottle with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water away!


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Eyesight Problems Eyewash Remedies

Almost every person today has some sort of eyesight or vision problems many of which can be cured with simple easy eyewash remedies. Eyesight problems range from just minor problems, such as having nearsightedness or farsightedness, eyestrain or soreness, all the way to more serious major eye problems such as cataracts and glaucoma.

As we all grow older, our eyesight usually deteriorates and gets worse, you may need contacts and eye glasses or If you happen to develop cataracts or glaucoma, you will have to really consider getting eye surgery or treatment with drugs. In either case, you most likely develop permanent eye damage of some form.

Eyewash For Sore Or Irritated Eyes:

If you have very common sore or irritated eyes, you can make a eyewash to relieve this very annoying eye problem by mixing 1/3 teaspoon or a little more of regular Baking Soda in 1/2 cup of warm water. Then using an eyewash cup, wash out your eyes one at a time for about 1 min, wait for about another 1 min, then rinse eyes out with cooler water.

Eyewash For Infected Eyes, Cloudy Eyes, Mucus Eyes and Eye Cataracts:

If you have Pinkeye (Conjunctivitis) or infected eyes you will also usually have a crusty or mucus discharge in the eyes and will need an eyewash that can rid you of this eye problem. This same eyewash solution can over time also clear cloudy eyes and cataracts. In 4oz of warm water mix in 1/3 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. You can use this as an eyewash or with an eye dropper.

If you have pinkeye or just cloudy eyes, you may want to use with an eyewash cup. If you are trying to rid yourself of cataracts, it would be best to use an eye dropper and do 2-3 times daily. When doing this eye flush, after flushing or eye drops are in the eyes, close your eyes for about 2 min, then you can wipe off the excess fluid.

There are many different types of eye washes, some work much better than others. We find these eyesight problems eyewash remedies work best and use them ourselves. Always check with your doctor before using any type of eye wash just to be safe.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Prevents Hair Loss

Are you a man or women starting to notice hair loss more and more, but do not know what to do? Here is a simple, very easy way to reverse or prevent baldness for men or women no matter how old you are.

Did you know Apple Cider Vinegar if taken internally has many great health benefits for  our bodies? Apple cider Vinegar also has the ability to actually prevent baldness if you are just starting to see hair loss and in many cases will start new hair growth even if you are totally bald. Here is a real test done to see how great Apple Cider vinegar actually works. My father is totally bald on the top of his head and just by applying some apple cider vinegar on his head everyday for 3 months, you can now see lots of new hairs  appearing that were not there before.

This very simple, very safe procedure is easy to do and it will not harm you in any way like over the counter hair loss tonics such a rogaine, which has some reported side effects. First off go get yourself a small to medium plastic spray bottle, then fill it with straight apple cider vinegar. Then every day just before bedtime you will spray some off the apple cider vinegar on the top of your head and just let it dry, do not wipe off! You will leave this on over night and wash or rinse it off in your morning shower or bath. If you do not have to go out in the morning, just leave it on, do not rinse it off.

If you are like millions of people who are just starting to get thinning hair or slight hair loss, all you really need to do is about 15 min before your shower or bath, just spray the apple cider vinegar on your thinning spots, then just wash off. You will only need to do this just before you take a shower or wash your hair. The apple cider vinegar will also make your hair very shinny and very healthy looking.

The apple cider vinegar cleans your hair of all junk build up and also cleans and re-opens your clogged hair follicles, which is why your hair is possibly thinning. Apple cider vinegar will allow the hair to grow as normal. It is also recommended to take 1  teaspoon of apple cider vinegar internally once a day mixed in a glass of water. The vinegar will clean  junk from the hair roots from the inside of your body as well, again improving your hair growth.

To further get increased hair growth it is recommended you take a B-Complex supplement daily as B-Complex is known for hair health. If you follow this routine for at least 6-7 months you will have much more hair on your head and it will be much thicker as well.

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