Drink Your Greens For Increased Energy

When it comes to getting that energizing feeling we all desire, take in your Greens by eating or drinking them, a great healthy pick-me-up. Greens mean health and energy for our bodies and should be a part of your daily regimen. Taking your green super food in the form of a drink can help boost your energy all day long.

I have been working out with weights off and on now for many years and was always searching for good energy producing supplements instead of always resorting to coffee for the caffeine content. I like to save my big coffee or caffeine content for my heavy workout days. I wanted something that was going to give me more clean feeling energy I could take daily without any problems and it must be good for my health as well. I was told about eating more green foods, that it would increase my energy levels, so I did this daily for months and did experience better energy. I then tried green drinks that contained green foods such as Kale, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa. These green super foods when taken daily dramatically increased my energy and general feeling of health. Now my whole family supplements their diet with daily green drinks.

I know many people are downing energy drinks full of caffeine every single day just to feel motivated. If you continue to get your energy in this manner, you will need to keep increasing the amount you take in, where as if you drank green super foods such as Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina and so on, you will obtain a very smooth clean energy level without any issues or crashes. Drinking coffee or taking caffeine is fine by me, just do not over do it, replace some with green food drinks and you will feel much better.

Drinking green super food drinks will boost your energy levels and boost your health. Green foods are full of Chlorophyll which is full of health benefits for you. Add in your daily vitamins and minerals (capsules or tablets) along with drink a few green super food drinks daily and in a few months you will feel like a new person. Also for all you trying to lose a few pounds, drinking green drinks will only help you lose that weight. The green drinks will feed your body very well, while you cut down on the calories to allow your body to rid it’s self of extra weight.

Green Super Foods Drinks Benefits:

Increased energy levels that last.

Over all better health.

Could help lose weight is used correctly.

Help boost your immune system.

May help with constipation.

Helps cleans the body of toxins/waste.

Go ahead make a change for the better, start drinking healthy green drinks, you will notice at how much better you will feel!


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How To Stay Young Take Your Antioxidants!

Our bodies are under severe attack daily from a powerful enemy called free radicals, if left un-checked by taking Antioxidants you will age much faster! Leaving free radicals to run free un-checked in the body, they will kill and age our human bodies very fast. So how do we fight against this free radial attack? All we have to do is arm our selves with an abundance of stay young Antioxidants and the free radicals will cause much less harm. First off you have to understand where free radicals are come from, as these nasty buggers come from many sources. Free radicals are released by the bad foods that most of us eat on a daily basis like trans fats, even regular fats, actually all types of fats will cause free radical damage. Pollution is another huge source of free radicals and it is getting worse the world over each and every year. If you go back about 25 years ago, there was way less pollution than now, so our body needs much more antioxidants to fight the increase.

Another very deadly source of free radicals which affects many people world-wide is smoking. All smoking is bad! Cigarettes, fake cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, or any type of smoke inhaled is a massive source of bad free radicals that will age you very fast. This is why so many people are actually dying younger, they get addicted to various drugs and smoke more and more until they get cancer, or have a heart, it is now too late, the serious damage has been done to you. Also take note, anything that interferer’s or blocks your antioxidant levels in the body such as certain prescription drugs or medication will work against you to actually increase your aging process.

Lets look at some of our more powerful sources of Antioxidants that we can take to fight back against these body destroying free radicals. One excellent source of antioxidants is orange and green fresh vegetables and all fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas, berries, kiwi, plums, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, prunes and so on. Also lets not forget 100% pure vegetable and fruit  juices which are super sources of antioxidants. Food sources of antioxidants are ok , but we can also get huge sources of antioxidants from supplements. Some of the best or most potent supplements that fight free radical damage are, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Natural Vitamin E, COQ10,  Alpha Lipoic  Acid, Selenium, Green Tea (capsule or tea), Turmeric, Grape Seed, Spirulina, Green Drinks, Chlorophyll, Chlorella, Wheat Grass and yes, even your daily Coffee and Chocolate can help fight free radicals.

You have some excellent knowledge on how to help keep yourself younger and not to age as fast. Taking these Antioxidants also increase your health in other ways as well, so it’s a win win situation. If you want to stay as young looking as possible you must avoid smoking, alcohol which is actually a poison and do not take medication that you really do not need to take. Keeping yourself healthy and slowing down your anti aging is exactly the same as winning a lottery jackpot. Only you can help your own self stay healthy and young, so what are you waiting for the time to start doing this, is Right Now!

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