Fresh Brewed Coffee or Instant Which Is Healthier?

Did you know all the blending, roasting and brewing of Coffee all contribute greatly to coffee’s complex chemical composition, but which style is healthiest. Brewing Coffee creates hundreds of many different compounds. Each different compound weighs in at less than 0.3 per cent of the total dry weight of the coffee, but may still contribute greatly to coffee’s effects and may act in tandem to significantly enhance the Coffee bean’s health benefits. Most types of instant coffee is prepared by the freeze drying method and as a result of this, many of these compounds in coffee will still be retained. Therefore, there is really no appreciable difference between instant coffee and brewed coffee if both are in a similar concentration. However, it has been observed that decaffeinated instant coffee has between 30 to 50 per cent fewer compounds than regular filtered coffee or caffeinated instant coffee.

Most studies which focus on the effects of caffeine in the coffee, will give volunteers instant decaffeinated coffee and then add some caffeine to create a standard dose. This could of course alter the results of psychological tests. Instant coffee have the same taste as filtered brewed coffee and the taste can add a lot to the psychological effect of drinking the coffee. Drinking instant coffee is not the same as sitting down and having a latte, concluding that coffee’s taste and the preparation will all contribute to how we react to our daily brew. The choice of which style of coffee to drink is up to you, both give about the same health benefits, so taste is really what matters.

Coffee drank in moderation is healthy for most people. You now have a choice of drinking instant coffee at home or fresh brewed coffee at place such as Starbucks when health benefits are concerned, as both are equally as good for you!


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Drink Coffee For Weight Loss

A nice steaming hot cup of coffee is how many people the world over like to start their day and is great for weight loss. Most people who drink coffee swear by this and wouldn’t think of beginning their day without it. Some coffee drinkers, drink it by the pot and noticed significant weight loss over time, but is this safe to do daily? The recommended daily allowance for coffee is about 4 to 5 cups day for most people. This is still in the range that will help you lose a few extra pounds, but you should be drinking your coffee black, or at least with a low carb sweetener.

Research on drinking brewed or instant coffee for weight loss, has been going back and forth on whether or not a few cups of coffee a day is a healthy routine or not. The latest research shows that drinking your daily coffee it is not only safe to consume, but drinking several cups of coffee per day can actually help you lose weight. This is great and exciting news for coffee lovers such as myself, but I am also aware not to go overboard and drink more than the recommended daily limit, this is where health issues may arise.

How Drinking Coffee Helps You:

1 – Drinking coffee daily reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes.
2 – Coffee does gives you more energy do to the caffeine content for a tougher workout that lasts longer, making it possible to burn more calories.
3 – Drinking coffee does not contribute to heart disease as previously thought.
4 – Caffeine does speeds up your metabolism,  making it easier for us to burn more calories even while at rest and helps you lose weight.
What To Watch Out For When Drinking Coffee:
1 – Avoid fancy coffee’s from places such as Starbucks, these are loaded with hidden ingredients and many additional calories. Frappuccinos and Mocha Lattes are great tasting, but are not going to help you lose weight!
2 – Do not add cream and sugar to your coffee. These only add many extra calories and Will make you crave more sweets. Drink your coffee black is best.
3 – Don’t give into the donuts, muffins, cookies and other similar goodies when you stop to grab a cup of Joe. A donut can add up to another 200-300 calories and seriously, who can eat just one? A simple muffin can range from 450-700 calories depending on the size and variety.
4 – Do not try to cut out coffee loaded with sugar etc to reduce calories all at once. Gradually reduce to eventually phase it out, until you are drinking your coffee black, which is the healthiest way to enjoy it.

Over all, drinking coffee has been given a bad reputation, but this is mainly only the coffee you drink that is loaded with cream and sugar, not black coffee, which is much healthier and full of wonderful anti-oxidants and truly a weight loss secret with many benefits.

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