Drink Coffee For Muscle Building

Many of us drink coffee daily for the pick-up we receive and extra short energy, but did you know coffee helps build muscle? The coffee it’s self not not help you build muscle, but the caffeine coffee contains does.The great benefits of caffeine helping you build body muscle mass just keeps coming in. Research from the University of Nebraska have reported that weight trained men who were drinking two cups of coffee or a similar dosage caffeine pill, about one hour before weight training raised the number of repetitions they could perform on the bench press, which of course would directly help build muscle.

Caffeine by it’s self or as found in coffee is definitely one of the cheapest substances around and so many upsides to it that it is quite incredible. Even more research has proven that taking caffeine before a weight training session will definitely help blunt the pain associated with intense weight training, but it does not stop there, it also reduces the soreness that comes afterwards in the muscle it self and will in fact actually make the muscle stronger. This is all very good news to bodybuilder’s or weight lifters looking for performance enhancing substances that are easy on the wallet.

In another coffee research study, it was reported that people taking caffeine or coffee before a weight training session allowed them to use up to five more pounds than normal on the same bench press exercise. Being able to use more weight for more reps, for longer periods will definitely put the muscle building factor in your favor!

We also see that the University of Georgia reported that taking caffeine in whatever form helped to lower delayed-onset muscle soreness after leg workouts that used negative training principal. I can still remember the days after heavy leg training and barely being able to walk normal, I did not drink coffee, nor take caffeine supplements at that time.

The key to getting all these benefits is to either take a caffeine pill, like Vivarin or No Doze, or even better yet, just drink a strong cup or two of strong coffee, which is about the equivalent of 200 mg of caffeine. Make sure you do this about 30 – 60 minutes before your weight training session. You should also make sure to take in extra water and electrolytes to off set the coffee/caffeine which can make you lose these important items needed for workouts.

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HMB Does This Supplement Really Work

Does HMB or HYDROXYMETHYLBUTYRATE really work, the answer is yes it does for most people. There are various reasons why HMB seems to not not work on some people. There are many articles about what HMB is and how it is supposed to work,  there are also many articles showing test studies on various groups of people trained and un-trained, to see if HMB shows an improvement or no improvement in muscle building. I myself have used HMB supplement off and on for over 11 years and I can tell you that it really does work and have tested this many times without any side effects at all.

I will tell you right off the bat, HMB is not a supplement that you can feel working, this is why so many people or bodybuilders claim it does nothing. Most people seem to think when you take a supplement, you should see results immediately, these are most likely the same people who eat fast food on a regular basis, as they are to impatient to cook. You must test it off and on to actually see and notice the difference. You also must train hard enough to actually get muscle damage or muscle break down, other wise HMB will not do much as far as muscle building or growth and repair are concerned.

I train with weight hard all the time and am a 100% natural bodybuilder and have been so since my very first workout routine. I train hard enough to feel the difference when I am on HMB and when I am not on HMB. One test I did that showed me it really works. I was 240 lbs and took all my regular daily supplements as usual and ate the same amount of carbs, fat, and protein etc as I normally do. The only thing different I added was the supplement HMB and took a dosage of 4-5 grams daily still working out hard as usual, but I decided to reduced my carbs a little to slowly drop a few pounds. Over the next couple of weeks, I went from 240 to 234 but yet my body measurements all remain the same as when I was 240 except my stomach or waste line, it went down a little. I have done this test before, except I did not take the HMB supplement and to my surprise all my body measurements went down. The other cool thing I noticed was when I dropped the body weight while on the HMB, my strength levels did not go down at all, when usually it would have. I have done this test over a few times and always with the same result.

One thing I noticed about HMB is, it seems that the older you are, supplementing with HMB seems to work better, as some younger weight trainers stated no results at all following exactly my testing of the product and I know they train very hard. So the way I see it, If you are a person 30 years old or over, HMB will most likely work great for you, but you must train hard or all you may only feel from supplementing the HMB is less sore muscles and no gains. Another thing I noticed and a few others while on HMB was we had better breathing or more VO2 max, meaning we could workout harder and longer, but not breath as hard.

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