Coffee High Blood Pressure Risk?

Coffee or actually Caffeine has previously been implicated in an increased risk of high blood pressure, but is this actually true? Recent studies of people consuming 2-3 cups of coffee daily have not confirmed any association with drinking the coffee and an increased blood pressure risk.

There was a 12 year study of 155,000 female nurses who drank daily large amounts of coffee, yet did not show signs of a rise in blood pressure. Previously there were studies done that had already shown statistically insignificant associations between the drinking of coffee and clinical hypertension. The effect of drinking coffee on morbidity and mortality due to its effect on a persons blood pressure is too weak and has not been studied further.

Granted all people are different and may respond to drinking coffee in different ways, but the majority seem to have very few, if any side effects from drinking coffee on a daily basis. If you are a person who already has hypertension, you may want to check with your doctor before consuming coffee on a daily basis. I would also like to point out if you add all sorts of cream and toppings to your coffee, not only will you most likely gain weight, but have a better chance of getting high blood pressure. It really is best to drink your coffee black. Some people love black coffee, some hate it! I was a person who hated black coffee until I forced myself to drink it, now I love black coffee and would never go back.

I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure before I started drinking coffee on a daily basis. I found out my high blood pressure was actually caused my weight training far to hard and frequently. Once I learnt to not over train with weights, my blood pressure went back to normal and continued to stay in the normal range, even after I started drinking 2-3 cups of coffee daily. So there is really nothing to worry about if you are in normal health, sit back and enjoy a cup or two of coffee and enjoy life.

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Natural Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure

Here are some natural ways you can lower your high blood pressure (hypertension) for all men and women to keep it in the safe zone. High blood pressure is definitely a silent killer, as there may be no detectable signs for a long time that something is going wrong. High blood pressure is usually gone unnoticed for a long time unless your systolic and your diastolic readings are taken often by a doctor. Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, the first thing you should do is slow yourself down a little. You should try and relax more frequently and reduce the amount of stress you have daily. Yes, I doing know this can be tough to to, but you must try and do it.

The next area to help reduce your high blood pressure is to stop drinking coffee and replace it with herbal teas such as chamomile tea, peppermint tea, or mint tea as these tea’s help you to relax. You absolutely must reduce your consumption of saturated fats from animal sources as in all red meats, except fish which is recommended to eat. You must also try to avoid consuming hardened vegetable fats such as shortening and margarines and as we all know, try to keep your sodium intake down.

Now to help out even more to lower your high blood pressure and to keep it low, you can add certain supplements and real food sources that are proven to help. See the list below:

Garlic ( can take odourless supplement form in powder or liquid)

Flax oil ( in liquid or capsules)

Salmon oil (eat the cook fish or take in capsule form)

Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate is good )

Potassium rich foods ( bananas, prunes, apples, oranges, raisins, etc or potassium tablets)

Coq10 (100-200 mg daily) Can take higher , but check with your doctor first.

Apple cider vinegar (1-2 tbsn daily) Thins the blood.

Blackstrap molasses (1-2 tbsn daily)

Exercise 3 times a week (light workouts are best as longer walks)

Also, for anyone with high blood pressure it would be a wise decision to take high vitamin C daily, about two to 5 grams as vitamin C helps keep the arteries strong under the high pressure so they do not burst nearly as easily. The one last thing you must not do is Smoke cigarettes etc, as smoking is a major cause of high blood pressure. It is recommended you check with your doctor first before starting any of this advice.

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