Beer Health Benefits

Beer health benefits as with all alcohol, whether it is beer, wine, or liquor, is known to reduce heart disease. This of course would be drinking alcohol in moderation, if consumed in heavy amounts will not give the health benefits. Moderate consumption of alcohol does make the blood less sticky and less likely to clot. Alcohol can increase the good cholesterol, lower the bad and lower your blood pressure. Looking at a Harvard study of 70,000 or so women who consumed beer had a lower blood pressure than the women who consumed wine or hard alcohol.

Alcohol can be hard on your kidneys, but in some cases beer can reduce your risk of kidney stones. The hops in the beer not only help slow the release of calcium from the bones, therefore reduce kidney stones and beer has a high water content which helps clear out the kidneys, which is not a good pure water, but, good for an alcohol beverage.

Beer also has a good source of many nutrients such as, B vitamins like niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, riboflavin, B6 and B12. Beer is also rich in silicon, a nutrient that is also good for bone strength.

What else is drinking beer good for? A study of 38,000 men that drank one to two beers daily, showed a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes by about 25%. When the men drank more than one to two beers daily, there was no increased benefit at all. Researchers also found that drinking one to two beers a day may stave off Alzheimer’s and reduce your risk of stroke by thinning the blood and preventing blood clots from traveling to the brain.

So if you love to drink beer, at least it is good to know there are in fact some health benefits, so as long as you only drink one to two beers daily and no more. If you drink more than one to two beers daily your health benefits decline, tipping the scale towards no health benefits, to possible health problems. Drink your beer, but remember, moderation is the key!

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Brush Your Teeth For Lower Risk Of Heart Attack

Did you now that by brushing your teeth regularly can help protect you from heart attacks? It is true, researchers have found a link between your mouth care or none brushing of your teeth and heart disease. Now that this news is out, you need to brush your teeth on a regular basis as part of your total health and well being routine.

Your mouths oral cavity contains some varied and most vast flora in the entire human body, which is also a main entrance for two systems vital to our human function the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. Several diseases do involve these two systems, one being a specific pathologic condition as periodontitis bacteria, which is inflammation of the periodontal attachment of your teeth and alveolar bone.These conditions in the oral cavity can create foci of infection that can affect other vital systems, like your cardiovascular and renal systems. Poor dental hygiene, including bleeding of the gums, can allow hundreds of types of different bacteria to enter your bloodstream. Brushing and flossing your teeth has now been found to help fight bacteria in the mouth that could lead to actual hardening of your arteries (the narrowing of arteries through build-up of plaque), which as you know lead to heart attacks and even strokes. It is believed that the bacteria buildup in the mouth can cause clots in your arteries which can eventually lead to a heart attack.

This potential health link between what goes on inside your mouth and the health of your heart has been the topic of debate for some time now. The research now clearly shows, the more you improve and maintain your dental and gum health, the less chance there is of developing a life threatening disease.

It is also advised to replace your toothbrush at least every 3 months as bacteria could be present on the brush, which can be transferred to you! Your dental care and health can only be done by you, it really is part of your general health maintenance.



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Common Foods That Contain Bad Trans Fats

Most people are now aware of bad Trans Fats, a very bad health causing ingredient for prolonging shelf life and taste of certain foods. Trans fat is formed when natural vegetable oil is hardened through a hydrogenation process and is very commonly done to increase food shelf life, but at a big cost to your health.

Many Studies confirm that continued consumption of trans fats as little as one gram per day can increase the bad cholesterol in your body and put you at a far greater risk for heart disease, high blood pressure even may trigger type 2 diabetes. Most of our snack food contain trans fats and could seriously be putting our general health at great risk.

Here is a list of common foods that usually contain trans fats that you should try to avoid eating, to help you stay healthy:

  • Microwaved popcorn snacks: Popcorn is one of those highly popular snacks we all indulge in and do not suspect it of being fattening or harmful to our health. The fact is most microwaved popcorn does contain trans fats.
  • Potato chips snacks: Again another very popular snack food and possibly the worst. Even one small bag of potato chips usually contain three to four grams of trans fats which is very high.
  • Snack Crackers: They look very innocent to most people, but the sad truth is most snack crackers often contain trans fats.
  • Cereals: Some cereals actually contain trans fats, especially the sweeter  varieties. The same goes for many cereal bars that are marketed as health bars, so you must be careful.
  • Frozen type foods: Most pies, cakes, pizzas, waffles, pastries, are usually containing high amounts of trans fats. We all fall victim to these types of foods as they are fast and easy to serve up.
  • French fries: Millions of people eat french fries daily perhaps the most popular trans fat loaded food in the world.
  • Cookies: Most of us love cookies and usually eat at least a few of them at one serving.  Just three average cookies can pack in nearly three grams of bad trans fats. Best to avoid the store-bought cookies and just make your own which will be much healthier for you and your family.
  • Margarine (the hard variety): All hard margarine needs to be hydrogenated which contains trans fats. Use the soft margarine that is not hydrogenated to be on the healthy side.

To better your health, you really should try to avoid eating common foods that contain the bad trans fats, you can look for better foods to replace them as more and more products are starting to offer o trans fats food in place of the original foods, this gives you a healthy option.


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