Tomato Juice For Constipation Relief

Tomato Juice is very good for constipation relief and has the added benefit of being great for your health. While most people realize that tomatoes are a healthy addition to one’s diet, they may not know just how beneficial drinking tomato juice is for your bowels. You have heard of hard stools that are stuck and keep things partially blocked, well this is also an area where the tomato juice can assist in relieving.

Drinking Tomato juice on a regular basis can help to keep your intestinal tract cleaner and the cleaner your intestines are, generally the healthy a person is. If you get really constipated with stuck or just slow moving hard stoles, drinking tomato juice may help effectively un-block things and get all moving as regular once again. You can also find tomato juice in other products such a V8 vegetable juice, which has other vegetables that can also benefit you as well.

Drinking tomato juice and or eating fresh tomatoes on a regular basis could have very positive effects on your health. Trying to stay healthy in today’s world is getting harder to with all the junk foods, different types of pollution, the many additives that are being put in our foods and even modifying our foods called GMO. A GMO food is an organism whose genome has been altered by techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA now contains one or more genes that normally are not found there. So make sure when buying your fresh tomatoes that they are not GMO.

Constipation is a problem for many people and most tend to run for medication type alternatives, which may help, or may actually make the problem much worse in the long run. If you have have a light constipation issue, all you may need to do to get all going regular again is drink 3-4 cups of tomato juice a day for a few days. If you have a very bad case of constipation, you could mix ¼ cup of virgin olive oil with 2 cups tomato juice and drink it first thing in the morning, wait at least 2 hours after drinking before eating. Both the tomato juice and olive oil will work together to get everything moving along effectively and much safer than medications. Always consult your doctor before trying any of these for constipation relief.

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Protein Powders Can Cause Constipation

You exercise hard to either build muscle and or lose weight, then you want a high fast absorbing protein source to re-build muscle fast as protein powder. Protein powder is very convenient and fast absorbing depending on which type you choose to use. Just try to get a huge daily intake of good quality protein by eating food alone, it can be very hard to do on a daily basis.

Protein powder is usually an essential supplement for bodybuilders as it saves time, money and helps build muscle faster. There is however, a possible side effect of taking protein powders as it may cause some people to have constipation issues. This has been seen using even as little a one scoop a day, or around 26-30 grams of protein powder. I know this happens as it happened to myself and many others I have talked to over the years. The constipation degree can be from very mild to extreme and if not corrected can lead to health problems.

After dealing with this issue for years, I was able to figure out how to prevent it most of the time and how to rid the constipation issue if could not prevent it. Of course you need to drink more water when consuming any protein powders, that’s very well known and done in most cases. You also need to up your oil intake when using these protein powders so it all stays soft and does not harden up like cement in your intestines. Here is what I now do when taking a serving or more of proten powder to help prevent constipation.

  • Take one tablespoon oil (Flax Oil, Olive Oil etc) before and after the protein drink. If you want to mix in all in together, that is fine.
  • Also just before you take your protein drink, take 2-3 fish oil capsules to get some oil deeper into your intestines.
  • For every 30-40 grams of protein powder used, drink 2 extra cups of plain water mixed with nothing, just water!
  • Never drink your protein drink shortly after eating high fiber foods, as may attach onto the fiber and harden. Can eat high fiber shortly after protein drinks if you wish.
  • Drink your protein drink slowly, do not drink it all at once fast if over 40 grams of protein.

Now if you follow this guide line you will most likely not get constipation, but if this does not work, you will have to possibly take some stool softeners for a while to clear it all up or do an Olive Oil and Orange Juice Flush! This fast easy to do cure works like magic to clear up constipation issues. If you want to try this constipation home remedy always make sure it’s ok with your doctor first.

Oilve Oil And Orange Juice Flush:

  1. Mix 1/2 cup of pure extra virgin olive oil to 2 cups 100% orange juice and drink this all at once first thing in the morning.
  2. Do not eat anything for about 2 hours, just drink hot liqiuds such as hot water, tea, coffee etc. This will help the whole procedure work better and faster.

If you need to do this flush for a few datys in a row that is fine. The Olive Oil will lubricate your whole intestinal system from top to bottom ands isalso a very mild antibacterial.

I have been bodybuilding for over 30 years and have used these procedures to rid myself of constipation issues of taking protein powders many times over, now you have the secret and it really works!

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Easy Constipation Remedy

Are you one of the many people who have issues with constipation and would like an easy constipation remedy? There are many different methods to help constipation as eating more fiber along with drinking more water daily, but these recommended cures do not always work, so we need to find and use safe easy remedies to flush out the bowels of built up daily waste.

Some people respond to various drugs to help constipation, but are these really safe to be used in the long term? I think safe natural remedies are the only way to go and I have one that works like magic and is actually good for you! Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Pour 1/2 cup of extra virgin Olive Oil in to a medium sized mixing bowl.
  2. Now pour in to the mixing bowl 2 cups of 100% orange juice (Cold) and stir.
  3. Drink it all as fast as you can.

You drink this Olive Oil and Orange Juice mixture first thing in the morning before eating any food. Right after you drink the mixture you can have a cup of hot coffee or hot tea, it will help rid the stomach of the liquid faster. You should be OK to eat food about 2 hours after drinking the mixture.

You should drink lots of water through out the day, making sure some of it is hot water. The Olive Oil will slowly work it’s way through the whole length of you intestines within 10-24 hours. The Olive Oil will loosen and soften your stool getting rid of your constipation fast and has the add benefit of lubricating your whole system which is highly beneficial to you. This Olive Oil and Orange Juice flush also helps cleans your gull bladder of little stones that get blocked up in there, which could cause health issues down the road. Sometimes you may see hundreds of these little stones come out when going to the bathroom as they can build up over the years.

If you have very bad constipation, you can do this flush a few days in a row to get all nicely softened up, then do the flush once a week to once a month to maintain. There is no better healthier natural way of ridding yourself of serious constipation issues than this proven home remedy. As usual you should always consult your Doctor before such doing programs.

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