Get Rid Of Pimples Fast And Easy

Here is a little secret to get rid of those nasty pimples fast and easy. Most of us hate getting pimples as they can take forever forever to go away. The fast is we all get them, some of us more than others and some people cannot seem to get rid of them at all. I’m not talking about those tiny little pimples that you can just easily pop and they vanish fairly fast, I am taking about those deep implanted pimples that stay under the skin for days and days. These type type of pimples are to deep to even pop and if you try to squeeze them, they do not pop, it just makes them larger. Here are some secrets you can do to get rid of these pimples fast!

For the smaller type surface pimples, you can just put some plain old white toothpaste on them and they will dry up and go away very fast. For the deep type pimples, you need to use distilled witch hazel. You can buy this product at your local drug store and it is not expensive and it really works. It also works very well for women who shave their bikini line, as they can get those nasty in grown hairs that can become infected. All you need to do for infected in grown hairs or deep pimples, is to put a generous amount of witch hazel on a medical pad or a make-up remover pad and tape it to the area over night. This may take one to two nights for the witch hazel to bring the pimple to the skin surface, then you can go ahead and pop it. If the pimple is really bad, you may have to put the witch hazel on for a few more days at the most. My wife and her friends use this procedure all the time and it really does a great job.

I have even used it from time to time when I get a real mother of a pimple and have seen similar good results. All you will need is one small bottle of witch hazel, this will last you a long time, so it is really is very cost effective and works equally as well for women or men. Instead of trying every expensive pimple creams or lotions on the market, all you really need is one product, Witch Hazel and you will have beautiful skin again in no time.

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Detox Your Body For Health

To stay healthy we all need to detox or bodies, why not do it in the spring, It is the perfect time to do a body detox. After we’ve been breathing in the bad poor indoor air quality and perhaps gotten less activity and not eating very good all year, it’s now time to get healthy. Detoxifying is the best antidote and can give you increased energy and super health. It also may reduce allergy symptoms, reduce hormonal imbalances, improve your digestion, clear your sinuses, normalize your blood pressure, reduce moods  swings, give sharper mental focus, improved sleep patterns, healthier glowing skin, plus much more!  Here are great tips to get you started on a healing spring body detox for men’s health and women’s health:

1. Eliminate meat and dairy products for a while to give your body a much needed break. Meat is highly acid-forming and is bad for the body. It can give you a strain on your kidneys and intestines and of course dairy is highly mucus-forming and many people do lack the enzymes to properly digest it.

2. Do not eat it if you cannot pronounce it. Always read the labels on the food selections you choose. Most are full of harmful preservatives, synthetic flavors and other artificial ingredients that usually have long complex names. Don’t buy these type of food products and definitely don’t eat them. Just choose fresh foods that come in Nature’s packaging as fruits and vegetables.

3.  Remove fried and high sugar foods from your diet. I probably don’t have to tell you what constitutes “trash foods” fried and sugary foods, processed, prepared and packaged foods all tend to be full of trans fats, sugar and food additives that build up in our bodies and need to be cleaned out.

4. Up Your Vegetables. Try to have vegetables 50% of every meal. You can enjoy a fresh vegetable juice to get your 50%. Add in a large green tossed salad or a plate of steamed veggies and your good to go!

5. Take your daily vitamins. We all need to take a daily multivitamin supplement to keep our health and immune system works good.

6. Try using herbs to give your body a boost of health. Milk thistle is an herb that is a proven liver re-generator and detoxifier. Dandelion herb and uva ursi are well-established kidney health restoring herbs.

7. Use hot baths to cleanse. On its own hot baths are relaxing, but to help the cleansing effects, you just need to add a cup of Epsom salts or baking soda to your bath water. Both of these will alkalize the water to help neutralize acidic toxins. Epsom salts will help your body muscles to relax a stress reliever.

8.  Drink at least 8 cups of pure water daily. This helps to flush out all the toxins. For a really great detoxifying drink, add fresh lemon juice to a large glass of water first thing in the morning. Lemons help alkalize your body and contain more than 20 anti-cancer compounds and also help cleanse your liver, kidneys and colon which is always a good thing.

9. Add more daily fiber. You need more fiber in your your diet daily, to boost your cleansing efforts.

10. Exercise two to three times weekly. Exercise will improve your circulation, which brings fresh oxygenated blood to your organs and tissues and helps to speed up body cleansing process, just do not over exercise.

These very easy and simple daily changes to your diet and lifestyle will help you detox your body and put you on the right track to a healthier you!


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