Coffee Helps You Stay Younger

Coffee is a world wide very popular drink and it really can help you stay younger. We all know the main ingredient in coffee is the caffeine content, some prefer less caffeine and some of us like a little more. The caffeine content in coffee is what can help to keep us feeling and possibly looking younger longer. For those of you who drink coffee on a daily basis, you will know how much it actually helps you get through daily stress and fatigue, while not actually realizing it may be keeping you younger to boot.

Coffee is a main daily well respected beverage for many people and I think will always be there for people to give them a much need daily boost, pick-me-up, or for good mental clarity. Coffee is also full of antioxidants which can also assist in keeping you younger. The darker coffee usually has more antioxidants and less caffeine content, while the lighter coffee has less antioxidants and usually a little higher caffeine content. This information can be used to one’s advantage, making a one or the other choice of what is more important to you at that time. I like to focus on a little less caffeine and higher antioxidants, while you may want the higher caffeine content and less antioxidants, it’s really your own choice.

The higher caffeine content in coffee will keep your brain functioning in a younger more youthful way. Most people will feel they have more focus and can think much clearer, which as you age can help you greatly. The higher antioxidants in coffee will focus more so on your aging or looks department. The higher a person’s antioxidants levels, usually the younger they tend to look, as antioxidants are very strong free radical scavengers which will help fight the damage that can occur. You can improve how well your coffee works for you by making sure you have adequate B-Vitamins. I generally take a B-Complex capsule daily along with my first cup of morning Coffee, this helps the caffeine content work properly for your brain. Also the B-Complex will help your general health and well-being, so it’s really a win win situation.

Now I know there are people who simply cannot tolerate caffeine from coffee or other sources, you need to ask your doctor what is best for you and follow his/her advice. People with high blood pressure, again must follow their doctors advice when caffeine is involved. Even for us daily coffee drinkers, moderation is always best, do not think drinking more coffee than recommended is totally safe. Caffeine is a good thing for many people and can assist in keeping you younger, but as with anything, too much can actually be very bad for you! Now I think a nice hot cup of Coffee is in order!


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Drink Your Greens For Increased Energy

When it comes to getting that energizing feeling we all desire, take in your Greens by eating or drinking them, a great healthy pick-me-up. Greens mean health and energy for our bodies and should be a part of your daily regimen. Taking your green super food in the form of a drink can help boost your energy all day long.

I have been working out with weights off and on now for many years and was always searching for good energy producing supplements instead of always resorting to coffee for the caffeine content. I like to save my big coffee or caffeine content for my heavy workout days. I wanted something that was going to give me more clean feeling energy I could take daily without any problems and it must be good for my health as well. I was told about eating more green foods, that it would increase my energy levels, so I did this daily for months and did experience better energy. I then tried green drinks that contained green foods such as Kale, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa. These green super foods when taken daily dramatically increased my energy and general feeling of health. Now my whole family supplements their diet with daily green drinks.

I know many people are downing energy drinks full of caffeine every single day just to feel motivated. If you continue to get your energy in this manner, you will need to keep increasing the amount you take in, where as if you drank green super foods such as Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina and so on, you will obtain a very smooth clean energy level without any issues or crashes. Drinking coffee or taking caffeine is fine by me, just do not over do it, replace some with green food drinks and you will feel much better.

Drinking green super food drinks will boost your energy levels and boost your health. Green foods are full of Chlorophyll which is full of health benefits for you. Add in your daily vitamins and minerals (capsules or tablets) along with drink a few green super food drinks daily and in a few months you will feel like a new person. Also for all you trying to lose a few pounds, drinking green drinks will only help you lose that weight. The green drinks will feed your body very well, while you cut down on the calories to allow your body to rid it’s self of extra weight.

Green Super Foods Drinks Benefits:

Increased energy levels that last.

Over all better health.

Could help lose weight is used correctly.

Help boost your immune system.

May help with constipation.

Helps cleans the body of toxins/waste.

Go ahead make a change for the better, start drinking healthy green drinks, you will notice at how much better you will feel!


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Look Years Younger With Raw Egg Whites

Applying raw Egg Whites directly onto your face has great anti aging benefits to help keep your skin younger and healthier. How can applying raw egg whites to your face have such great anti aging skin care benefits? The secret is in what the egg whites contain, which is a placenta choke full of vitamins and natural collagen. Also this same application of raw egg whites applied to a burn area on your skin, will actually help heal it very fast. If it heals skin, it can help retain your youthful skin making you look younger by keeping your skin in a more normal state. This seems to be a wonderful skin care solution.

Here is a story of how raw egg whites helped this particular person.

A young man was sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides to help with bug control, he wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained inside the container. He raised the cover of the container and lit his lighter and before he knew what was happening the vapors ignited and engulfed him, he jumped up screaming, his neighbour heard him and saw his face was on fire. The neighbour ran out of her house with a dozen eggs and a bowl yelling “bring me some more eggs!” She broke open the eggs separating the whites from the yolks, then she applied the whites onto the young man’s face. When the ambulance arrived and saw the young man, they asked who had put eggs on his face, everyone pointed to the lady in charge, they congratulated her and said “You have just saved his face.”

After some time had gone by, the young man brought the lady a bouquet of roses to thank her for helping him and oh ya, his face was like a baby’s skin, no harm was done.

If raw egg white is a true healing miracle for burns, just think about it, it can also be very beneficial to heal your own shin naturally. With so many skin creams out claiming will help for reversing sun damage or aging skin, who know what to try and I am sure we have all tried many of these creams if over the age of 40. Also keep in mind how expensive and possible harmful some creams could be. Using egg whites is not expensive and is definitely not harmful.

Here is something to also keep in mind. This natural skin care treatment of burns is being included for teaching beginner fireman in some areas. Here what the first aid consists of:

First spray cold water on the affected area until the heat is reduced. This stops the continued burning of all layers of the skin. Next, you spread the egg whites over the affected area and re-apply another layer of egg whites every hour or so. So the next time you burn your hand or finger, just run cold water over the area and then apply raw egg whites to assist the healing.

If a burned area can be healed by applying egg whites for about 10 days to the point of hardly any trace left, just think what it can do for you as a routine treatment for anti aging skin care. My whole family now uses the egg white facial treatment at least once a week applying it over and over for about 2 hours then rinse and moisturize. We all agree, we do look younger and our skin does look healthier due to the natural collagen and vitamins in the raw egg whites.

Using raw egg whites on your face twice a week has possible benefits as:

  • Help you look years younger.
  • Is possibly anti aging due to the collagen and vitamin content.
  • Help keep your skin healthy looking.
  • May correct damaged skin.

This is a natural skin care anti aging treatment that is easy and inexpensive to do, so let’s Get Cracking!


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Coffee Prevents Cavities

Does drinking Coffee prevent cavities, or is it really the other way around? It seems there are some reviews that say drinking coffee may prevent cavities if drank on a daily basis. The real truth is that drinking coffee will not prevent cavities in any way and in fact may actually increase your risk of getting cavities easier.

Coffee whether it is caffeinated coffee or decaffeinated coffee, still does have a certain amount of acidity which is actually harmful to your enamel of your teeth. Coffee can act in a similar fashion as acidic juices like pineapple juice or orange juice and of course certain types of soda pop, that can over time slowly eat away the enamel on your teeth. When your enamel is thinning and slowly going away from the acid erosion, this is when the damage will occur that can result in getting cavities much easier than normal.

If you love drinking your daily coffee as many of us do, you can actually do a few things to protect your teeth against the acidity of your daily coffee consumption. The first thing you can do to protect your teeth from coffee’s acidity, is as soon as you have finished drinking your coffee, go and rinse your mouth out with water. The second thing that will help is to drink your coffee through a straw, but still after drinking your coffee, it is still recommended to rinse your mouth out with water as soon as you can. You should not brush your teeth immediately after drinking an acidic beverage such as coffee, as it can weaken your enamel to the point that if hard brushing occurs could cause damage faster. Rinse your mouth out with water, what a bit, then brush your teeth.

Remember, it is not just coffee that will help to eat away your teeth enamel, acidic juices are a major concern as well such as soda pop, so just be aware of this. There also are special toothpaste and mouth washes that can help protect your tooth enamel as well, you may want to check these products out and possibly use them. Once your enamel is eroded away, there is no getting it back, so take some precautions early on, it will help save your teeth and your wonderful smile.


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How To Get Rid Of A Cold Fast

I know getting rid of a cold can be very slow, so here is an easy very effective way to get rid of a cold at least two times faster than normal. Before I reveal this tested over and over proven method, I will say this method may not be for everyone, you need to check with your doctor and get the ok from him or her first, as it may conflict with a persons medications etc. Most people however should be just fine using this method as it only involves food sources, no drugs, pills, cough medications and so on. I should also tell you that this same method can be used for fighting or getting rid of a flu virus. I have used this method to fight colds and viruses for over 20 years and it works great!

When you feel the first signs of a cold or flu, you should start this procedure immediately and continue it for about 5 days. You will be needing 5 cloves of fresh garlic, I know garlic stinks, but you will have to decide if being a bit smelly is worse, or having the cold or flu longer is worse. You will also be needing 5 medium fresh regular white onions. I also recommend, but is not mandatory some good yogurt and lemon juice.

You will begin by eating 1 clove of garlic raw with food at some point in the day and drink plenty of hot water along with it. Then at some other point in the day or evening you will put a medium sized onion in your microwave and cook it on high for about 4 minutes, then eat it all while drinking more hot water. Both raw garlic and onions have strong properties that fight colds and flu viruses. After taking this every day for 5 days most colds or flus will be terminated, but you will most likely feel even worse as that is what you feel when all is coming out of your system. To help speed up the flushing out or cleansing of the junk from the cold or flu, drink lots more hot water with a little lemon in it. You will also benefit from eating some yogurt daily to replenish your good bacteria and get all back to normal fast. I also take extra vitamin C when I get a cold or flu, as it does help again to boost your immune system to fight hard, but again this is up to each person to decide if wanting to take the extra vitamin C or not.

This is not a hard procedure to follow and is very effective. The only thing it will not help much with is a sore throat, you will want to ask your doctor what to take for that, I just take some halls or fishermans friend, these seem to work ok for me.


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Fish Oil For Good Health

Fish oil such as Wild Salmon, Sardine and Anchovy are great health giving oils to help you stay healthy. These oils in particular can lower blood pressure, help protect you from plaque build up in your arteries, will even lubricate your joints so they do not get stiff and sore as you age. These good health oils contain high levels of essential fatty acids and are known to promote general good health.

Most people take in very little good oils and usually take in plenty of the bad oils found in all sorts of packaged and processed foods and general fast foods. When you take in a high a high level of the bad oils, over time your body ages faster than it normally would resulting in health issues. We all need to up our intake of the good oils containing the essential fatty acids we need for maintaining our health, especially if you are a junk food junky and or a smoker. Smoking by itself is extremely harmful to your arteries as it scars your arterial walls, when then tells your body to send cholesterol into the area to patch the artery scars. Cholesterol is sticky, so will stick and build up on top of these scars, which then leads to a blockage and then down the road a possible heart attack. Fish oils such as wild salmon will slow down this procedure or may totally prevent the cholesterol from building up in the arteries all together, thus saving your life!

Fish Oil Benefits:

  • May help to keep your blood pressure normal.
  • May help you to live longer.
  • Fish oil helps lubricate your joints.
  • Helps reduce inflammation works as an Anti-Inflammatory.
  • May help to lose weight.
  • Helps protect your arteries from blockages.
  • May helps relieve constipation issues.
  • May help to maintain your eyesight.

There are other benefits to taking fish oils on a daily basis, but these are the main ones. You can eat the fish as wild salmon, sardines, anchovy, or you can buy these good fish oils in supplement form which makes it very convenient and easy to take. Remember, the only person that can improve your health is you!


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How Many Cups Of Coffee Daily Is Too Much?

People around the world drink their favorite beverage Coffee every single day as part of their daily routine. Every person has his or hers daily limit of Coffee, usually ranging from one to two cups daily on average. However, there are many of us who enjoy as much as three to five cups of Coffee daily and some people even drink as high as eight to ten cups daily. So the big question is, how many cups of Coffee daily is too much?

Every single person is unique and will have a different tolerance for Coffee and Caffeine levels. Some people may only tolerate a cup of Coffee daily, after that may have bad side effects such as headaches or generally not feeling well. Others such as myself feel great when I drink Coffee, even up to four to five cups per day. Some people will get elevated blood pressure when drinking Coffee, even as low as one cup. Yet on the other hand, many people can drink four to six cups of Coffee daily and have no blood pressure increase at all! The point here is it really does vary from person to person in regards to how much Coffee drank daily is too much.

Many studies show that drinking Coffee in moderate levels for most people can give you some good health benefits, you would have to see your doctor to find out if drinking Coffee has any negative effects upon you. Obviously if you have high blood pressure, drinking Coffee with high caffeine levels may be a bad choice, you may want to check with your doctor before continuing this activity.

Personally, I drink about two to four cups of Coffee daily on average. I have been doing this for about fifteen years or so and I have absolutely no health problems. I find I feel sharper and younger when I drink Coffee. I would personally recommend that if you drink more than two cups of Coffee per day, you should also drink a few extra glasses of pure water and take in some extra electrolytes. Coffee can dehydrate you and pull out your electrolytes, so it just makes good sense to replace these so you have no problems down the road. I suspect this is where some of the health issues arise from for people who drink more than moderate amounts of Coffee. Again your doctor can check to see if you are low on any electrolytes from drinking Coffee and tell you what to do to fix the issue.


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Chlorophyll Improves Your Health

Chlorophyll is a greenish pigment only found in cyanobacteria and chloroplasts of algae and various plants. Can Chlorophyll really improve your health? Yes as it closely resembles our red blood cells which are known as haemoglobin. This is the pigment that gives our blood its red color and its oxygen carrying capacities. Chlorophyll can deliver a good energy transfusion into our bloodstream, this will replenish and increase our red blood cell count. This is a very good health benefit as it will help keep you energized.

There are many health benefits to taking Chlorophyll as a daily supplement and of course eating your daily green vegetables will also give you Chlorophyll. Your body needs Chlorophyll to detoxify the body and cleanse itself of toxic impurities which can prevent cancer and strengthen our immune systems.

Chlorophyll will also help to stimulate bowel movements and will aid in cleansing your colon. This bowl stimulating effect along with colon cleansing action can seriously improve a persons health. Toxic colons can lead to some serious disease and cancers, so improvement in this area is greatly beneficial to one over-all health and well-being. Chlorophyll also reduces the binding of carcinogen from various foods like cooked meats that can damage our DNA and other organs of the body.

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll:

The health benefits from chlorophyll is outstanding. Here is a list of health benefits a person may receive when getting a good daily supply of Chlorophyll.

  • Cleanses and oxygenates our bodies.
  • Has a very powerful detoxification effect.
  • Improves bowl function.
  • Alkalizes the human body.
  • Good Anti-inflammatory.
  • Fights infections.
  • Good Antioxidant to help neutralize harmful free radicals.
  • Will Promote healthy intestinal bacteria.
  • Helps Protect from various cancers.
  • Helps treat bad breath.

 Chlorophyll is available in many forms such as tablets, liquid and powder extracts. It is recommend to get some Chlorophyll daily to get a good health benefit from it. If you eat plenty of green foods daily you may not need to supplement Chlorophyll, but added Chlorophyll can be beneficial if you exercise or are just looking for more daily energy. Definitely we all need Chlorophyll daily, this miraculous green pigment acts as our source of life and body energy that sustains our well being.


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How To Look Younger Low Cost Secret

Of course we all want to look younger, no person wants to look old, so what can you do to achieve a younger looking you! You watch all the advertising on your television or on the Internet and see all sorts of anti-aging beauty products, all claiming virtually the same thing, to keep your face looking younger. These store bought beauty products are certainly not cheap to use on a daily basis and in many cases do very little to keep you looking younger. If you tried a good amount of these products, it could cost you a small fortune and your results may not even be noticeable.

I will let you in on a low cost secret that will work better in most cases at keeping you younger looking. Before I tell you, you must know that many store bought beauty products are very hyped-up and do little that they claim, this also comes along with a hefty price tag. Some of these beauty or age reversal products may actually be bad for your skin, even help to age you, which is not what is desired at all! How about using a totally natural product that cannot harm you in any way and only do good things for your face or body. How about if the product had some good side effects as lowering the frequency or stopping the on set of pimples, this would be a big plus factor, all in one simple easy to use and apply product.

The secret natural beauty product can be found in your local grocery store, it is Yogurt! Yes, Yogurt! Actually plain yogurt to be more exact.

So whats so special about Yogurt Benefits:

  • Yogurt has a mild acid called Lactic Acid to help remove dead skin from your face. Also slowly removes blemishes, even diminish dark spots.
  • Yogurt has a moisturizing and tightening property for your skin.
  • Yogurt has good bacteria that actually heals skin and helps keep pimples from starting.
  • Yogurt contains a multitude of powerful nutrients such as, Lactic Acid, Zinc, Calcium, B-Vitamins and Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) all beneficial for your skin.

Using a plain Yogurt mask daily will make your face slowly wrinkle free and smooth a a babies behind. One of the great benefits of using yogurt for your skin, is that it has serious anti-aging properties that will fight off free radical damage safely. Free radicals damage your skin cells by stripping off oxygen molecules, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear on skin or face.

How To Use Yogurt On Your Face:

  1. Very lightly buff your face with a buff pad to remove dead skin.
  2. Apply a light sprinkle of warm water on your face.
  3. Apply the plain Yogurt to your face in a light circular motions to your forehead, face, neck, ears, nose and under eyes.
  4. You can leave this on over night or leave on for a few hours, then just rinse off with warm water and possible apply some light daily moisturizing cream.

Using Yogurt daily on your face will keep you looking many years younger and just costs pennies a day to use, you simply cannot go wrong with this anti-aging beauty secret!


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Coffee Is It Healthy?

Do you love your cup of Coffee in the morning as millions of people do all over the world, but wonder if it is healthy or not? Do not fear drinking your daily coffee, there are many coffee studies confirming that for most people coffee drinking is not harmful and can actually be beneficial to your health.

Coffee Concerns:

  • Drinking up to as high as six cups per day of Coffee has not been associated with increased risk of death from any cause, such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases.
  • There are some people that want to consider avoiding coffee all together or can switch to decaf coffee. This is especially for women who are pregnant, or people who have high blood pressure.

Often people drink their daily Coffee as a source for Caffeine for a quick pick me up. Coffee is actually a complex beverage with hundreds of different compounds with-in it. Coffee contains so many different compounds, for some this can lead to very poor health concerns. What I am saying is, drinking coffee can be good for some people and then bad for some people. The truth is, very few foods are good for everything and every person. This is why studies are done on very specific health effects of substances like coffee.

The truth is, coffee is a little more complex to study than most other food items. It seems that drinking coffee usually is seen together with smoking cigarettes, and that is not very a very healthy habit. Also studies show that people who drink coffee often actually tend to exercise far less and are also less likely to take dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals, so tend to have a more un-healthly diet. This all must be separated in the studies on the effects of coffee intake from the effects of other un-healthy lifestyle choices.

It is now known that if people are not used to ingesting caffeine and they start to intake caffeine, their blood pressure usually rises up substantially. However after a week or so of caffeine consumption, the high blood pressure effect is less pronounced. In the many studies that look into the incidence of hypertension of the general population, it is has been found that drinking caffeinated coffee was not associated with a substantial increase in risk at all.

Drinking Brewed Coffee made with a paper filter is healthier than drinking boiled coffee

Coffee does contain a substance called cafestol which is a potent stimulator of LDL cholesterol levels in your body. Cafestol is contained in the oily fraction of the coffee and when you brew your coffee using a paper filter, the cafestol left behind is caught in the filter. Other methods of coffee preparation as the boiling the coffee which is very common is also much higher in cafestol levels. For people that already have high cholesterol levels it would be advised to choose paper filtered coffee or a boiled instant coffee. If your cholesterol levels are fine, either way of enjoying your daily coffee is fine.

So really there are not any real bad health concerns when it comes to drinking Coffee and there is no real great health benefits to drinking coffee as well. It can go either way and seems to vary from person to person.

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